Do You Want To Build A Snowman with Disney’s Frozen Sing Along?!

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Hey guys!!!  So I am guessing there aren’t many of us out there who haven’t seen Frozen at least twice. I

personally am going on probably 34 times at this point lol. Do you know what makes that movie so

spectacular?  The music, the songs, they are all so fabulous and catchy.  So what could be better than a

Frozen Sing Along?!?!

Oh yeah, you read that right!!  Now you can sing along with all your favorite Frozen songs!  Dean and I

love singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” and with this sing along we can follow along with the

words thanks to the snowflake!


You can now experience Frozen in a whole new way!!  So yes all you Frozen fans there is now another full

length DVD to enjoy, yay!!!  This will make the perfect holiday gift for any Disney fan on your list!  Who

wouldn’t be super excited to open up this awesome gift.

We of course could not wait until the holiday to watch ours!!  It makes for a perfect family fun night.  We

get in our jammies, whip up some hot chocolate and snuggle down for a wonderful night full of singing

and laughter.  It really brings our family together for some fun and there is nothing better than finding

something we all can enjoy.  I love that the whole family can get involved, whether it’s just the 3 of us or

the whole big family comes over.  Everyone has such a great time belting out “Let It Go” and “Love Is an

Open Door.”


Now I know you can’t wait to pick up one for yourself and don’t worry you can!  This amazing Sing Along can be yours on November 18th on DVD or digital as well as through Disney Movies Anywhere, who  just announced their newest partner VUDU all in time for the holidays!!


So how much do you just love Frozen?  Are you super excited for this fun Frozen Sing-Along DVD?

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