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fess up friday

Hello ladies!!!  It is that time again to let out anything your kids did this week, any frustrations you had, anything flub ups you made, just fess it up!  I love reading all your posts so come on and post some more!!!

My fess up this week is I seriously lost my patience and snatched a toy from Dean and threw it, then I felt horrible :(

It has been hellish hot this week and my air conditioner isn’t working properly so that sucks first of all, it makes everyone a wee bit cranky.   Then after one particularly stressful day with Dean where he was just off the hook I started to prep dinner to marinate for the next night.  The steaks were frozen and needed to be so I could slice them thin but they were stuck together so I went to snap them apart and I guess I used more force than I needed to because they snapped and my thumb went slamming into the cutting board.  I have strong natural nails and they have grown out a bit and instead of my thumbnail breaking when it hit the board it just bent back, away from my nail bed and broke across my nail waaaaay far down (hard to explain so there is a picture)

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So basically my nail is away from the nailbed halfway down my nail, but still attached on the other side so I can’t pull it off, so it is just awkward.  As soon as it happened I instinctively popped my thumb in mouth (all covered in raw steak yuck) and I realized it was bleeding kinda bad and omg it hurt soooooooo freaking bad.  So bad in fact I threw up, wth.  Now combine the pain with the puking and you got a recipe for fainting.  I did not want to passout so I stuck my head in the freezer while my mom and sister came to wrangle Dean for me.  At this point I’m laying my head in the freezer while Dean is standing next to me on a diaper box yelling “You got to stop crying Mom!!” while whacking my butt with a Thor hammer -_-

So my Mom is looking at my finger to see what we can do about it while Dean is still on his box right in the middle of it all when my mom sees a palmetto bug on my cabinet!   Omg if you don’t know what that is, do not google it, they are awful gigantic flying roach looking bugs that come from pine trees and come out in the summer and they scare me more than anything.  Yes I realize this post makes me sound like a total wuss but I hate hurting my fingers and I am petrified of palmetto bugs.  So my mom is trying to kill it with a swiffer but Dean keeps moving his box and standing in front of her yelling.  It was just madness!  The bug ran away, Dean was a jerk and the girls went home.

I still needed to finish the steak for the marinade so I did that awkwardly with one hand, got that put away and Dean come up to me and says “I need to spill”  “I gonna spill mama!!” (spill=throw up)  And he has his potty which he had just peed in, so I’m rinsing that out so he can throw up in it while he is fussing at me “You better hurry mama, I gonna spill!!””  So I finish rinsing it just in time for him to throw up in it, twice.  Then before I can set it down he backs away and puke drips from his mouth onto his nighttime shirt and freshly showered feet so he wipes his mouth with his hand.  I close my eyes take a deep breath and say calmly, “Just get in the shower with your shirt on”.  He looks up at me and “I spilled in the big boy potty mama, I get a prize!!!”  Fifteen minutes later he is clean and dressed for bed again, it is now 11 o’clock, I am sweaty, exhausted, hurt and cranky.

I put him in the bed and go to finish picking up the house before I can get to bed.  Then I go fix my finger which still hadn’t properly been attended to or even washed at that point.  Then I get in my bed with my kindle fire to read my book.  But that wasn’t going to happen because Dean was still awake and had taken his Woody doll to bed and now Woody seemed to want to chat with me.  So Dean was pulling Woody’s pull-string  making him talk all while Woody is tap dancing on my shoulder and his damn plasticy spurs and boots keep hitting me in the face and glasses.   And I’m telling Dean to stop, it is bed time and he and Woody need to go to sleep.  He would stop and lay there just long enough for me to get a couple sentences into my book before Woody does his little dance by my face blasting “There’s a snake in my boot” right into my ear.  Then one hard plastic cowboy boot hit me in my mouth and I snatched that damn doll up and chucked him across the room to the toy bucket.


Of course I instantly felt bad and like a horrible mom but I think every ounce of patience had actually left me and the person that took over decided it was time for the cowboy to go.  So there I was laying in bed, hot, in pain and now with guilt and Dean was laying unfazed next me happy as a lark falling asleep.

So I know I acted irrationally and probably could have handled it better.  There is probably a million and one ways I could have handled all the the situations that day differently but I didn’t, they played out the way they did and I can’t change it.  Yes I wish I didn’t snap and throw the doll but I did and I did feel guilty about it but I am mom, that does not make me exempt from making mistakes.  All I can do is accept that it was a bad day and I was pushed to my limit that night and while I could have dug deeper for that last bit of patience, I didn’t.

I know that I am raising a rather rambunctious boy and that will not be the last time I run out of patience and with Daddy working nights it’s all up to me, so I know that there will be hard days and long nights and that not everyday he will be the perfect kid and not everyday will I be the perfect mom.

Oh and because the of the long week we had he has picked up the phrase ” Are you kidding me?!?”  oops lol

So how was your week?

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  1. That really sucks about your nail. Once I “peeled” my nail off while peeling sweet potatoes. Ugh.
    My confession for the week: I dropped one of my pyrography nibs on the ground. Instinctively, I reached down to grab without looking and picked up a bug…a big bug.

    1. Ughhh I hate finger injuries they are the worst!!!!! And bugs, I hate bugs lol, I would have screamed if I picked one up!!

  2. Oh wow – what a week you’ve had! OUCH on that nail!! Honestly for me, I’ve had an uneventful week. I should be thankful for that, huh? LOL Have a better weekend. :)

  3. Ugh, I hate that feeling – well, actually a few you mentioned.
    All in all, I thought you did rather well actually.
    For me, in the aftermath of it all and scolding myself, I am then very thankful to have the presence of mind 90% of the time to stay cool-ish. It makes me sympathetic for families that have the reverse ratio. How horrible to live a life of feeling bad and screaming and throwing as the rule. Really, it breaks my heart to imagine.
    We are the lucky ones.

    1. Awww thank you!!! Lol yes I do stay cool-ish most of the time, its just those late nights that test me, mama needs a break lol

  4. Oh babe (HUGS) that was a a bunch of tough things to handle babe…you are such a good mom…one thrown toy is not going to kill Dean’s spirit. I feel your pain, my hubby works nights (days in the summer but umps at night) so I know what it’s like to be home in the afternoon/night with a wild and hyper boy.

    I have done my fair share of yelling, a few nights ago I yelled at him to leave me alone…I was having a hot flash, headache, dizziness, and cramps…I felt awful…but he didn’t even remember the next night.

    OMG woman…that thumb is horrrific…I would cut as much as you can off so it doesn’t catch and let it heal on it’s own.

    1. Thanks!!!! It is sooo rough at night alone because there is just no patience left and that seems to be when boys are at their worst lol! Good to meet another “home at night alone with a manic kid” mom lol! I completely sympathize with ya and I think after we yell, it is that feels the worst, the kids dont even remember 5 minutes later lol.

      I did cut as much as I could but ughhh it freaks me out lol. I keep it covered with a bandaid! Thanks for coming by!!

  5. I can’t count how many times I’ve broken my nails just like that! It hurts so bad and is such a bummer, after having spent all that time growing them out. Makes you just want to keep them short!


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