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fess up friday

Woo this week has been a whirlwind with Dean’s 4th birthday on Wednesday and his birthday party tomorrow, it’s just been crazy.  My fess up for the week is I accidentally threw a bug on my son, while he was naked in the shower.

So we have talked about this before, my crippling fear of these palmetto bugs that live here, they are giant flying bugs that like pine trees and some out at night, and they are just bleh.  When one gets in the house my brain just like flips off.

Soo it’s summer, it’s hot and muggy and those jerk bugs love that kind of weather so there is a ton of them outside like having family reunions and crap.  Our bathroom was particularly warm one day and the hubs opened up the bathroom window to let some air in there.  And I did not know he had opened the window.  He went to work that night, I put Dean in the shower, rinsed him, put on the Toy Story hand mitt washrag thing we have and turned my hand over to put soap on the mitt and there on the mitt that was ON MY HAND was the granddaddy of all those darn palmetto bugs, he had to weigh like 2 pounds!!

(I will not include a picture of these bugs, so as to spare you the nightmares lol)

Everything inside me broke down and I know you are supposed to be brave in front of your kids and all that jazz but I screamed and threw the mitt to the floor.  I assumed when I threw the mitt on the floor the bug would stay on it, I could scoop Dean out the shower and book it to the bedroom.  Life isn’t that easy it though.

As soon as I threw the mitt down Dean starts screaming hysterically, that damn bug flew off the mitt and into the shower with my poor naked baby.  Worst fear just realized, thing I hate the most messing with the thing I love the most.  I snatched him out the tub and we went in the bedroom, called my mom and she killed it still in the tub.

Now I know I could have handled it better, not screamed in front of Dean but these bugs are not a fear of mine, they are a phobia, something I just cannot control or get over. And Dean is fine, after the initial freak out when it was in the tub with him he has been fine.


But I do feel bad that he was scared that night.  So I felt even worse when I inadvertently scared him again….

Dean loves pizza, it is his all time favorite food and for some reason he loves it even more if it is delivered, he thinks it is so awesome when the pizza man comes and brings pizza.  So for his birthday Wednesday I wanted to get the largest pizza I could find delivered for him.  So I found this huge pizza called a Calzilla and it was like 18×26, it was huge and came in a huge box and was perfect.

Dean loved it and thought it was so awesome, until he spotted the Pizza Lobster (monster) on the box.  He wasn’t full on scared of it, but he did not like it and still mentions it everyday.   So yeh I’ve just been a rocking mom this week -_- lol


So what is your fess up for the week ladies? Come on and share!!!

Once again I have teamed up with Hollywood Psychics to bring you their hilarious Diapers On Crystal Balls Series which has been cracking up every week!!  It is all about moms sharing these funny videos they have made and they are all soo true!!  I know all of us moms can definitely relate!!

This weeks video is all about weird places her 3-year-old has peed and going through potty training with a boy myself I totally feel for her!!

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  1. I just had to read the rest of your post after seeing “I accidentally threw a bug on my son”. I wondered how did you manage to do that. Thanks for clearing it up. I have worked so hard to not share my fear of bugs with my youngest that she loves all bugs, worms…. and even wants to pet the bees. Ugh! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I’ll be sure to link up to your party next week. Also I’m now following you via G+ and FB.

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