Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Sorry I missed last week!!  I was out fabric shopping with my grandma and Dean!  Who actually was an angel in the store for once except for schooling this elderly woman on how we have to kill the zombies -_- and he also sat down in the middle of the check out line while my fabric was being cut and when we were done he told me loudly “No I sittin on the sofa!” Say what?!

Which reminds last time in Target he took the giant tub of cheese balls off the shelf (you know which ones I’m talking about) and sat down in the middle of the aisle with those and when he finally got up he started walking carrying this huge thing of cheese balls and giving the stink eye to this guy that was walking behind him before he finally said to the guy “hey stop followin me!”

Oh yeh and then when we were in Wal-mart I was putting our stuff on the belt and he started messing with the guy ahead of us bananas and I was apologizing and the man said “Oh it’s okay I have grandkids” so I felt better until Dean turned to the guy and sneezed like 5 times in a row, sorry about your bananas dude!

Asides from that he has been pretty mellow, he is sick today so lots of snuggles on the sofa.

However, I was cooking dinner the other night and he came over to me and backed his butt up against my leg and stood like that for a minute then popped (farted) on my leg, then walked away like nothing happened.   What goes through his mind to where he interrupts what he is doing just to come pop on my leg and walk away…..boys bleh lol!

Now for my fess up asides from the fact Dean ate dino nuggets for lunch and dinner (in my defense I fixed him other stuff to eat and he refused, not gonna fight a sick toddler)

So anyways I fess up that I let Dean sleep in my bed every night.  I do not try to get him used to his own bed, I don’t start him off in his bed and then he climbs into mine, I just let him.  To be honest after Daniel started working nights and I was laying in that big bed alone that I actually took Dean out of his bed and put him into mine.

Oh yeh I brought it upon myself lol!

But that is how I have been with him.  When he was a baby and I wanted to hold him I would pick him out of his crib and hold him even if he woke up because he wasn’t going to be a baby forever and I wanted to hold him and love him whenever I wanted.  I was excited at 3 am when he woke up because I knew he would sleep through the night soon and I wouldn’t have those quiet sleepy 3 am feedings forever.

So I put him in my bed and he has been there ever since and I wouldn’t change it.

One day he will want his own bed.  One day he will be too old for kisses.  One day hugs will be icky.  One day he will keep the door the his bedroom closed.

But not today, not tonight.

Tonight I get to snuggle in bed under the blankets surrounded by his stuffed animals and twirl his hair in my fingers while we watch Disney movies (yes we watch tv in bed too, we break all the rules lol).


Tonight I get to read after he has fallen asleep, rolled on his tummy and thrown his arm over me.


Tonight before I go to sleep I get to stare at his face and marvel in how he still looks like a tiny baby when he sleeps.


Tonight I get to give him all the kisses I want and smell his head and how it still smells like a baby, like powder and lavender.

Tonight I get to fall asleep listening to his breaths and the little sucking noise he still makes.


And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


So mommies, what is your fess up this week?

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