Family Movie Night With FROZEN!

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CB Disclosure White Background 600 px wide (1)Frozen Movie Night #FROZENFun, #collectivebias#FROZENFun #collectivebias

FROZEN is out on DVD!!!!!!  This family is so excited!!  We are Disney junkies and we are obsessed with FROZEN.  Now we can watch it whenever we want which is roughly 2-3 times a day.  Don’t judge lol.

FROZEN is a spectacular movie and we could not wait to get to Walmart and pick up a copy and some great toys to go along with our FROZEN movie party!

We picked up the movie first since we knew they would be flying off the shelf because everyone is pumped to take this DVD home. Frozen DVD #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

Next we headed to Walmart’s toy section to pick up some toys for the party.  We found some great FROZEN stuff that I knew the kids would love.

Frozen Toy Section #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

We took all our goodies home and started decorating for the movie party!!Frozen Toys #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

After all the decorations were set up and snacks set out we were ready to start!

For snacks I made blue velvet cupcakes with ice shards, ice block jello, ice cream with blue magic shell, Olaf and snowflake oreo pops and white cheddar popcorn with parmesan cheese the kids could “snow” on their popcorn.  I used FROZEN party cups so everyone could have their own popcorn for the movie.Frozen party #FROZENFun, #collectivebias cupcakes #FROZENFun, #collectivebias party #FROZENFun, #collectivebias Popcorn #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

Finally it was movie time!!  We all settled in to watch our new favorite movie and of course sing along!

Frozen MOvie #FROZENFun, #collectivebiasmovie #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

When the movie was over everyone was ready for bed and they were sure to have dreams of snow flakes, friendly reindeer and silly snowmen.

But before bed everyone got to pick a toy and of course the girls wanted the dolls while Dean was super excited for the castle.

The dolls are gorgeous and everyone will want them and at the price I found them at Walmart that is totally doable :)Frozen Dolls #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

The FROZEN castle not only made a great decoration for the party table but Dean loves playing with it.  It has all sort of moving parts, and a balcony and stair case, it came with Elsa and Olaf and it even lights up!!  It is one super cool toy!

Castle #FROZENFun, #collectivebias

Now at this point I think everyone has seen FROZEN most likely more than once lol and I want to talk about how much I love that movie.  Not only is it stunning but it has it’s emotional moments, and it has it’s funny moments.  I found that I enjoyed it as much as my 4-year-old did and my 13-year-old sister enjoyed it just the same so it really is a movie that any age will enjoy and relate to.  Kristoff’s relationship with his reindeer Sven was so heartwarming and I loved to see they way they took care of each other and how they had been friends for so long.  Olaf’s carefree attitude and happy outlook is just infectious.  I really loved the relationship between the sisters Elsa and Anna, I could see myself and my sister in both of them.  When my sister was younger she would knock on my door and want to play but I was older and a teenager so I never felt much like playing.  Now the roles are reversed and I am much older and she is now a teenager and I go knocking on her door which she stays locked behind.  But the movie shows that even through hard times when your sister locks you out they will get through that time and you just need to be ready on the other side of that door waiting for them because there is nothing like sister love and as the FROZEN shows it can conquer and heal all, but it does require patience.

It took no time to turn a blustery day into a magical FROZEN Movie Party and you too can when you head to Walmart and grab the FROZEN DVD which is available on March 18th, and the price has dropped from $16.96 to $14.96 there, so hurry and grab yours!  Also while you are there look for a coupon on specially marked packages of Eggo Waffles (24 count) for a $5 off offer on the FROZEN DVD.

So who is your favorite FROZEN character?  Oh and Do You Want To Build A Snowman?


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    1. Lol! Im sure that number with double by next week! The icicles were pretty easy, I used a recipe for sugar candy or glass candy and added blue food coloring, poured it into a greased and foiled cookie sheet and when it was hard I just cracked it with the handle of a butter knife. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and it made them really pretty!

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