Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday


Yay!!  It’s Friday!  That means uhh….not much to moms lol!  Anyways it is Fess Up Friday time!  And this week Dean has been okay, he could have been better.  He was just wild and gave me a gray hair -_-  Yup 2 weeks before I turn 29 and boom gray hair, thanks kid!

And we had another attack of the red dye here in our house.  We thought on Daddy’s night off from work we would take a trip to get ice cream from Sonic.  I got my usual cherry limeade  and Dean got oreo ice cream.  However, when we got home he ran off and unbeknownst to me stole my cherry limeade which I assume was artifically colored red and drank and puked…..in his oreo ice cream.  So neither one of us got an after dinner treat and we had to bust out the carpet cleaner, such fun.   But that is just one more confirmation that he is extremely intolerant of red colored liquids.  We have always been on the fence whether he is allergic to it or not, you just never know with a toddler since they can “spill” (Dean’s word for throw up, much nicer term I think) at the drop of a hat.  So while we suspected his was allergic and treat it as an allergy we were never 100% and I think that fiasco concreted our suspicions.

Usually Friday is my serious clean up day where I really pick up because little boys can destroy a house like no other. Just the other night we caught him in his room naked surrounded by all the stuffing out of a Pillow Pet.  Why?

So as I am cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning I lift up the sofa cushion and sigh and figured hey this would make a pretty good Fess Up Friday.  My Fess Up this week is my sofa cushions are a hidden treasure of little boy grodiness.

I present to you just one out of the many cushions like this in my sectional sofa…


That is

3 Goldfish
1 Bottle Cap
1 Dog Bone
1 Cookie Monster Cookie
1 Candy Wrapper
3 Toy Cars
1 Lego Dude
A few random lego pieces
1 Penny
1 small hunk of dried Play-doh
Plenty of Crayon Scribbles (really?)
And a whole bunch of stains I don’t even want to think about

So what is your Fess Up this week??

Now for my new favorite part of Fess Up Friday another hilarious and totally relatable video from Hollywood Psychics and their fabulous Diapers On Crystal Balls Series.  If you love these videos like I do, you can check them all out here!

Now on to this weeks video!  It is all about Moms vs Dads and we parent differently and man they really hit the nail on the head with this one!!  It is soo true!  Check it out!

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