Happy Holidays for your pups with Adaptil®

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adaptil®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys!!!  It’s the holidays!!  My favorite time of year!!

I just love the holiday season and the parties and the visitors, the tree, the decorations, it is all so wonderful!!  Of course Dean is super excited too!

However, there is one member of our family that doesn’t love the holidays as much… our dog Harvey.

The holidays can be super stressful for our furry buddies.  Not only do we do all sorts of confusing things like bring trees in the house, and rearrange furniture to accommodate, but we often have guests over, whether house guest or just party guests. These can all be big stressors for dogs.  Not too mention I don’t know about you but my doorbell rings all day long with package deliveries and that just sets Harvey on edge to begin with!

Of course do we even need to get into the stress traveling can put on a pet, whether you bring them with you or board them, still stressful!!

But I want to share with you and your best furry friend a secret to make the holidays a little more comfortable for Fido.

Adaptil® replicates the pheromone that is naturally produced by mother dogs after giving birth. This “Dog Appeasing Pheromone,” a familiar scent, helps dogs and puppies feel calm and secure. In fact, Adaptil® is recommended at the earliest puppy-stages to help ease the transition into a new home and assist with training.

So what does this mean for your pup?  It means you can use Adaptil® to help your pets stay calm during the holidays and have a #FearFreeHoliday!

Adaptil® comes in many forms that offer both long and short-term help making it perfect whatever unique situation you may have.  You can get Adaptil® as a Diffuser, Collar, Spray and Wipes.  So there is something for every pet and every situation!

Adaptil® works wonders for Harvey!!!  It calms him right down and makes the holidays more enjoyable for both of us!  He got the little snuggle puppy from Adaptil® that I just spray with Adaptil® Spray and it is a double dose of comfort for him.  He loves his puppy!

 Adaptil® creates a calm and safe environment which is just what your pet is craving during the crazy holiday season. You can trust it works since most pet clinics use Adaptil® products in their exam rooms, so you know it works!!

Adaptil® is available through your veterinarian or a qualified pet behaviorist.

Adaptil® is NOT a drug it just replicates the pheromones that are naturally produced by dogs to create a feeling of familiarity and calmness. ( I think I need something like that during this busy season lol)

Of course you don’t have to just take it from me, you can Find out more about each product, as well as pheromone “common knowledge by visiting Adaptil® and you can check them out on Facebook

So this holiday season help your pup relax so you can have a great holiday with Adaptil®.

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