Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Wooo it’s Friday, I know you can’t tell but I said that with no enthusiasm whatsoever.  We are sick, I am tired, Dean is cranky.  I have gotten like zero Christmas shopping or wrapping done, I’m behind on everything so bleh.

Dean has been grumpy this week due to being sick and has been crying at the drop of a hat and being a jerk when he’s not crying.  So this mama is about ready to pull her hair out.  And you know what I’M SICK TOO!!!  But moms don’t get to be sick, there are no sick days for us.  No one to take our place while we try to nap it off, nope!   I have to do everything I usually do except I get to do it with a sick kid and my own stuffy head.

It’s 2:30 and I still have baking, blogging, cleaning, cooking and Christmas cards to design and this construction crew decided to wake us up at the crack of dawn.

I would share a funny story about what Dean did this week but see above as to why that’s not happening.

So my fess up today is my week sucked and so does this post.  Mama out!

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  1. Hi Parrish, I’m glad to know I’m not alone in having a sucky day(s) when my son is sick and I’m sick too. I guess it’s just the price we pay to have these glamorous lives as moms:)
    I look forward to reading more of your blog:) Get well soon!

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