Felt Christmas Tree

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When we put up our tree up Dean was very excited and loved it, he was soo happy.  Now I see he loves it a little too much.

I am constantly finding my ornaments (all plastic thankfully) all over the house.

I catch him playing with his jungle animals in the tree (super cute, but not very festive lol)

And lately he has just become destructive, the boy part of him that inexplicably has to destroy rears its ugly head and I catch him with a shoelace that he has tied a hot wheel to each end and he is lassoing the tree yanking down light and garland as he goes.

This weekend for reasons unbeknownst to me he has taken to opening the fridge grabbing out a “Cutie” (those little tangerine things) and chucking them at the tree.  Believe me I never thought I would be yelling “Stop throwing oranges at the Christmas tree!!!”

So I decided to make him his own tree that he can destroy anyway he wants.  It is made of felt, the ornaments are made of felt and have velcro hot glued to the back so he can move the ornaments around all he wants.  He loved it soooo much he hugged it lol.

I put ours on the fridge so it would keep him busy while I’m in there cooking and it adds such a cute Christmas feel to the kitchen, I absolutely adore it and will make it a tradition from here on out!

All you need is about 2 years of green felt, and a few squares any color of felt, I got mine from the craft section of Walmart.  You also will need some velcro pieces and a hot glue gun or regular glue but Dean is not patient enough to wait for regular glue lol.

I just cut out whatever holidays shapes I could think of, glued the velcro to the back and he was ready to start decorating.

The 2 yards of felt for the tree was a little much but I ended up messing up my first tree (too skinny) and so I was glad I had enough leftover to make another.

After putting the tree on the fridge and letting him decorate it I loved it soo much I got a little crazy with the scraps making snow and a “Ho Ho Ho” to complete the fridge.

This keeps him busy, it was inexpensive  we had a great time making it and I love looking it.  Any Christmas decorations that can keep my toddler busy (i.e. our Little People Nativity Scene) and look cute are a win in my book!!

This only takes a few hours or so to make and I promise your kids will love it!

If you make one post it to my facebook page I would love to see what you guys make!!

Happy Holidays!!

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