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Key Lime Pie Dip With Pie Crust Dippers

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This weekend my husband had his longtime friend over, they have known each other since they were kids, which is what they still act like when they are together lol. They spend the whole night in their pajamas reading comic books, playing video games and laughing at YouTube. My job at these get-togethers is provide them with dinner and snacks and then I am free to go do what I want.
For this weeks get together I made awesome Firecracker Chicken (recipe to come soon) and for dessert I made Key Lime Pie Dip with Pie Crust Dippers. This dessert is sooo easy to make and it is ridiculously easy and you can go wild with the pie filling, lemon pie filling, chocolate, pistachio, I’ve been wanting to do an apple pie version soon.

Key Lime Pie Dip

So basically I used a very simple recipe for key lime pie filling which has just 2 ingredients, sweetened condensed milk and lime juice and that is it, super easy. After I mix those 2 together I spread it in a pie dish and top it with whipped cream and call it a day. It was the perfect light dessert for our spicy dinner and I can’t wait to serve it as an appetizer for Easter, it seems like such a Spring time dish to me.

Buying premade refrigerated pie crust makes this even simpler. I just roll out the dough and use a pizza cutter to slice it into dippable strips and bake. You can also serve it with vanilla wafers, graham crackers, shortbread cookies or whatever you feel like dipping.

I hope you all enjoy this incredibly delicious super fast and easy dessert as much as we do :)

Key Lime Pie Dip

1 cup Key Lime Juice (you can use plain lime juice too)
2 small (14 oz) cans of sweetened condensed milk
Whipped cream or Cool Whip

Combine 2 ingredients.
Spread in pie dish.
Top with whipped cream.

Pie Crust Dippers

Box of premade refrigerated pie dough.

Roll out.
You can sprinkle on sugar if you would like.
Slice in dippable strips.
Bake until golden brown.


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