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Crock Pot Candy Chicken

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 One of my favorite go to crock pot dishes!  A few ingredients turn boring chicken into a tender delicious dinner full of flavor!  This recipe does have one secret ingredient that really makes it special!

Crockpot Candy Chicken
Crockpot Candy Chicken

 Life With The Crust Cut Off.

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  1. Sounds real good may have to try out that dish in the future. Right now chicken is alot cheaper than beef any day. A couple of weeks ago I made a whole chicken in the crock pot, at .89 a pound and it was at least a 5 lb. chicken. It feed my family twice and we are big eaters and it came real nice and thighs are the steak of the bird even a turkey. I made a 19 lb. one on tuesday and had turkey soup on wed. [cold and crappy day], Maybe turkey alfredo on fri..

    1. Sounds like good planning ! I would love to have the Turkey Alfredo recipe. I like the way you think !

  2. i would love to know how i can get this in larger print it sounds so good and i am anxious to t ry it but have a problem readin g the small print as i have macrodegeneration in the eyes which makes it very difficult to read any help would be appreciate tks….

    1. I can write it up in larger print and email it to you if you would like. Its a great recipe and I would love to help you be able to try it :)

    2. Copy and paste it into a word document and then select all and change the font size may need a little editing to have everything line up but you can choose how big or small you want it and then print it out.

    1. I just use white vinegar or apple cider, either one would work fine, I imagine even a rice wine vinegar would work here :)

    1. Sure you can halve the recipe, and you can also use chicken breasts just be sure to cut the cooking time down a little since the breasts cook faster than thighs.

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