Creamed Eggs

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This is a bad, bad, bad for you dish, so we only have it like twice a year but it is ohhhhh sooooo delicious!

It is beyond simple and it is so easy it is dangerous!

You might be skeptical at first to try it because it sounds a little weird but it is amazing!  It is comforting and filling and the perfect Sunday breakfast on a chilly morning.

Now you can make this with eggs whites and yolks but were not too big on egg whites in this dish, and if your busting out the heavy whipping cream there is no redeeming yourself with egg whites lol.

So first pour some heavy whipping cream in a big pan.  The amount of cream depends on how many people you are feeding, you dont want the cream so deep it covers the eggs completely.  Now you just wait for the cream to come to a slight bubble.

Once the cream is simmering, not boiling, you crack a few eggs in there, usually 2 per person.  Now this part is up to you, you can either just crack the whole egg in there or just the yolks like we do here.  Anyways just get your eggs in the cream :)

Let them simmer slowly and spoon some of the cream over the top every now and then, and cook them to your liking.  I love a runny egg but for this dish I prefer my yolk a little harder.

When the yolks are done to your liking serve over warm split biscuits (homemade or from a can or from the freezer, it doesn’t matter).  Make sure to cover the biscuits in extra cream and top with a little salt and a pepper.


Now settle in and have yourself an extremely decadent breakfast.  This would also make a stunning brunch item :)

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  1. OMG – that looks crazy good. I’m in a weight loss competition right now, so I’ll be staying away from this recipe for a while, but I will definitely be trying it in the future. YUM!

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