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Tie Dye Cupcakes!!!

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So my little sister B wanted a tie dye party her ballet friends, and being a party planning freak I am I of course ran with it.  Tie dye everything!!!!  If I could have tie dyed the pizza I would have :D  I decided to make tye dye cupcakes and while it might sound a little complicated to make they are nothing but easy (when you use a boxed cake mix, dont make things harder on yourself trying to make these cupcakes from scratch, save yourself some time, and sometimes theres nothing like a boxed cupcake lol).

So I started with 2 white cake mixes and divided it into 6 bowls.  I bought the “electric” colors from the baking store and dyed each bowl of cake mix a different color, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange.  The I simply added a little of each color to each cupcake liner (choose a while or mostly white liner so you can see the colors shine through).  Then I carefully took a butter knife and stuck it in the middle and swirled it up to the top, just once and slowly.  Repeat till all are filled.  Bake and cool.

Voila tie dye cupcakes.

Now for the icing.

You need a pound of softened butter, whip that with a little vanilla extract.  Add in 2 pounds of confectioners sugar and let that whip till smooth.  To get the icing fluffy slowly add in a little milk at a time until it is the consistency you want.  Dont be afraid to whip the crap out of it, thats what makes fluffy icing.

Take your piping bag fitting with whatever tip you fancy and fold the edges over and stand the bag in a tall cup.  Take a paint brush and grab all your colors from earlier.  Remove the lids from all the food color bottles and take a new and clean soft small spaint brush (a soft flat brush works best, maybe a quarter inch across, but whatever you can find works).

Dip your paint brush in a color and reach as far down in the piping bag as close to the tip as you can and paint a line all the way to the top, adding more color to get a consistent line.  Rinse and wipe brush and reapeat with each color leaving about an inch space between the colors.

Carefully fill the bag with the frosting, and squeeze out frosting until the colors begin to show.

Pipe on cupcakes and your done!!  There you go amazing tie dye cupcakes any little girl would go crazy for!

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