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So I have a small obsession with party planning, or holiday planning or anything that involves color coordination and lists, many many lists lol.  I plan for Christmas in August, I plan for B’s and Dean’s birthdays in March.  I live for this stuff!  As soon as one event is over I start planning for the next one. I was up to my elbows in glitter the night before my wedding covering pumpkins. I even planned my own baby shower lol.

I love making cakes and cupcakes, I am nowhere near professional status but I have a lot of fun doing it.  For Dean’s first birthday it was completely monkey themed and I made banana cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, and keylime pie cupcakes with pineapple buttercream and his smash cake was chocolate with caramel frosting.  I had a great time planning that one.  We even ate the same dinner I had the night I went into labor with him.  His second birthday was all dinosaurs!!  Last year B wanted a tie dye party so we had tie dye cupcakes and tie dye rice krispys!

First birthday! Loved the yellow and teal together!

Second Birthday Dinosaurs… Roar!!!  Put the silverware in a “dinosaur egg”

Miss B wanted tie dye everything thing for her pool party :)

I thought I would share of a few pics from my party planning madness and few of the cakes that turned out like I wanted them to :)

My first cake!  Cinderella’s shoe for my friend Farah.

Mermaid cake for my sister B!  The pics are bad quality, sorry :( This cake even has “sand” (crushed vanilla wafers)

Harry Potter Golden Snitch cake for my husband the milkman :)

Xbox 360 controller cake for my brother :)

Rockband cake for the hubby :)

I even love to plan a little for show premiers.  Supernatural is one of our favorites so I thought I would make a few snacks including Dean Winchesters favorite food pie!

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