Cinnamon Crunch Peanut Butter Apples

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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Post Consumer Brands. All opinions are entirely my own.”


Hey y’all!!  It is fall!!  Well technically not yet, but hey, it’s September so good enough for me!!!  The fall also means back to school time.  The mornings are now more hectic than ever.  Trying to get everyone up and dressed and lunches made, it gets a little crazy.

Then you have to throw in breakfast because ya know it’s the most important meal and all.  Thankfully cereal is a great breakfast item and I mean it really does not get easier than that.

I used to hate buying cereal because my boys would never eat it before it got stale and then once it was stale into the trash it went.  I literally felt like I was just throwing money in the trash.

Then when doing a little back to school stock up at Food Lion I spotted Malt-O-Meal®.  It comes in a bag, a resealable bag!!!  All my dreams came true lol!  Now I do not have to worry about stale cereal anymore, I can just pour out some and seal that bag back up and no more money in the trash!


I am in love with these Malt-O-Meal cereals!!  They have so many delicious flavors sometimes I just have a bowl for dessert lol!

My husband and I love the Cinnamon Toasters cereal, it is amazing and delicious!!


My son has to start his morning with a bowl of S’Mores.  I also cannot leave the store without picking up a bag of Golden Puffs, my mom and I love them!!

You get such a great value with Malt-O-Meal cereal because not only do you get more cereal for your buck, but again, it stays fresh longer with the resealable bags so you can really get your money’s worth.

Of course cereal is a great breakfast staple but did you also know it makes fabulous recipes?  I use it in everything from snack mixes, marshmallow treats, ice cream toppings, so many ways you can use it.

Since we were talking back to school I thought I would share with you an easy recipe that is the perfect after school snack.

Apples and peanut butter are a classic snack and have been getting kids through their homework forever.  I wanted to take that staple snack and jazz it up a little.


I take some of those delicious Cinnamon Toasters and crush them up in a baggie.

I slice up my apples and smear a little peanut butter on one end.

Then I just dip them into the crushed cereal and voila you have an amazing snack in minutes!!


My kids love these apples, my husband loves these apples, and they are just a real crowd pleaser.

Right now you can stock up on your favorite Malt-O-Meal varieties at Food Lion with their Catalina offers!

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You can head on over to Malt-O-Meal for more recipes, fun and check out all 34 family favorite flavors.


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