Welcoming fall with Sahale Snacks

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Hey y’all!  Can you feel it?  Fall is right around the corner and it is my all time favorite season!  The weather gets chilly, the boots and scarves come out.

Who can resist those brisk fall evening walks just listening to the leaves crunch beneath your feet.  The air feels lighter, cleaner, crisper.

I love to pack up the kids when the sun starts to turn orange in the sky and go on a walk.  While it may not seem like the adventure of the century to some, to my boys it is.  Watching their heads swivel around at all the swirling changing colors of the leaves and sunset in the sky, seeing them examine fallen acorns and pinecones, trying to find the perfect red leaf makes me realize how new and exciting the change of season is for them.

Of course all that walking and exploring and discovering makes this mama and her boys hungry.  I always make sure to pack our bag with Sahale Snacks®.


Sahale Snacks® are so delicious and convenient to grab during for these evening adventures.   Their Grab & Go packs are the perfect size and blend of energizing nuts and fruits and just what we need to keep exploring!

My favorite Grab & Go packs to take with us are the Honey Almonds Glazed Mix and the Classic Fruit & Nut Trail Mix.


The Honey Almonds Glazed Mix is a salty-sweet match made in heaven with whole almonds and sweet tart cranberries, accented by honey, toasted sesame seeds and sea salt for a snack to satisfy all your cravings whether salty or sweet.


My favorite is the Classic Fruit & Nut Trail Mix which is an explosion of flavors with dried apples and cranberries, roasted almonds, cashews and pistachios for a perfect crunchy-chewy, salty sweet balance.


These fit perfectly in our hands while walking and are great to mix and match and share along our walk.  They are the perfect snack to keep us full and energized on these evening adventures we have.


These are our new favorite go to snacks!  What Sahale Snacks® do you take on your adventures?

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