Chill and Flavor your Favorite Drinks with Popsicles

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Chill and Flavor your Drinks with Popcicles

The weather is finally getting warm!!  That means it is time to pull out all our favorite treats to help us cool off.  Rocket pops, fudgesicles, watermelon, ice cream cones, slushies and ice cream truck goodies are some of our favorite ways to beat the heat in a sweet way when the weather gets hot.  Unfortunately all those things are quite messy, sticky hands and faces, watermelon juice dripping down to our elbows, melted ice cream everywhere!

So when the thermometer starts rising and the jingle of the ice cream truck can be heard I know it is time to head to Walmart to stock up on all my favorite Wet-Nap products because they are the perfect thing to clean up any sticky summer mess my kids can make.  I throw them in my cart every time I am at Walmart because they always have them at such a low price (which is good because we go through a ton!)DSC_0021Wet-Nap

Now that we are all set with an arsenal to tackle any sugary mess I want to share with you a quick and fun treat that will cool your little ones off in no time!  I simply fill a glass with their favorite fizzy clear drink, you can use lemon lime soda or sparkling water or even a flavored carbonated water.  Then you take a rocket pop and let the kids put it in their drink.  As they stir their drink gets plenty chilled and it adds a great fruity flavor!  My kids get a kick out of it and they love seeing the color change.  Rocket Pop Cooler



My favorite way to use a popsicle to chill and flavor my drink is to take a yummy chocolaty fudgesicle and swirl it around in my milk, creating a super chilled chocolate milk!

Chocolate Milk



Ahhh, the perfect way to get a treat and a refreshing drink on a hot day.  Bonus that it is fun for the kids!  Not so bonus that is of course if one of those sticky messes we talked about.  Mess


From the disaster area where we make the drinks to the sticky hands and faces it could be a messy nightmare, but I just grab a Wet-Nap and it gets those hands and cheeks sparkly clean in no time!  And any mess on my table is breeze to clean up with a Wet-Nap or two.

Clean Up


So I hope you give my popcicle treats a try next time you are looking for a sweet way to cool off and don’t even worry about any mess because you can just head to Walmart and grab a Wet-Nap pack for yourself.  And here is another treat for you, you can get fifty five cents ($.55) off of any Wet-Nap product by printing this coupon here —-> (while supplies last)

What kind of summer messes will you be using a Wet-Nap to clean up?

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