15 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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15 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!!  It kicks off all of that holiday excitement!  What better way to get your kids in the holiday spirit than with some Thanksgiving crafts?!?!

I love this round up of Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids because so many of them focus on sharing what they are thankful for.  Many of these are great new creative ways to get everyone sharing what they are thankful for all wrapped up in a cute craft your kids can make. 

So bust out the construction paper and glue sticks and get to work on these adorable crafts and get your little ones chatting about the things they are thankful for this Thanksgiving!


Thankful Turkey Box from Whatever Dee-Dee Wants

590a7e66bf500a5784adf650f1922fd8Pilgrim Hat Place-cards from Better Homes and Gardens

fe10ce81fcaafdef322c2d8e31455e2aThanksgiving Calendar from Better Homes and Garden

a5ef652a72eb616bb6120fa44f5f9c32Grateful Conversation Starters from Spoonful.com

a4a71e1a33d5b01f7ab60e4e7dd24fbdTurkey Napkin Holder from Spoonful.com

04f1334bdd69e56d6e6ac1ad252c740dThankful Tree from Spoonful.com

7ec90307ebf3d38a11a8013ed3f7be0dTurkey Pinecone from Parenting.com

a04743978b7cc0fa2ef690d3d700596eCorn Collage from Spoonful.com

04de8be0eea735c97ad8b353e4d7e3d1Finger Puppet Pilgrims from Spoonful.com

d3241b1daecf07618ce1f23ca4a8e27fGlowbird from Spoonful.com

f2f4384f0f4645f23d4688aa66b6ca97Thankful Feathers from Better Homes and Gardens

f4b665aef4431b3ad5bbbcd7f1335fa3Nature Note Cards from Parenting.com

7916496b07aa810d1db6ab86077e8329Wreath of Thanks from Better Homes and Gardens

a1cfe8b7be8db4b6757c1ad748c56d48Pilgrim Pal from Spoonful.com

0b657f1dc2509f7dcc9a550047acaceaSoup Can Turkey from Parenting.com



DIY Home Sweet Home

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