Why I love new SNICKERS® Crisper!

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Hey guys!!!  So it is no secret how much I love candy!  Candy is my favorite!!  But after the holidays I knew I indulged a bit much and needed to get back on track, of course I did not want to give up my candy!

Now I am a sucker for new candy so I was excited when I stumbled upon the new SNICKERS® Crisper.

Snickers Crisper

My mom is a huge SNICKERS® fan.  Whenever I want to grab her something from the store to cheer her up on a bad day, or if I want to add a sweet treat to a present SNICKERS® is always what I choose because I know they are her favorite!

When I saw the new SNICKERS® Crisper I knew I had to try one for myself and take one home for my mom.

The new SNICKERS® Crisper is an explosion of textures!  You get the crispy satisfaction from crisped rice, the crunch from the signature perfectly roasted peanuts, then you get that silky smooth rich caramel and it’s all wrapped up in creamy milk chocolate, yum!

Crunchy Snickers Crisper

These are little bites of heaven!!  They are the perfectly chocolately pick me up in the afternoon when I am getting a little sleepy and hungry and could use a tasty treat to perk me up for the rest of the day.  I just could not get over how delicious my SNICKERS® Crisper was.

Snickers Crisper, yum!

Then I found out something that made me fall in love with SNICKERS® Crisper even more, it is the first SNICKERS® with less than 200 calories per serving!!!  A singles pack includes two squares at less than 100 calories each!  Are you kidding me?!  I get to have a crispy, caramely, chocolate treat for 200 calories?!  I am hooked!

Snickers Crisper, so delicious!

Now I can enjoy a sweet treat without any guilt and that fits right in with my new goal of eating lighter.  Plus since it is SNICKERS® you know it is a great way to satisfy your hunger in the most delicious way!

Snicker Crisper to go

I was excited to bring my mom one and surprise her but she had gotten the jump on me and already had discovered SNICKERS® Crisper deliciousness for herself and she too was in love!

You can get your hands on new SNICKERS® Crisper at your local stores and vending machines.

But if you want you can win a sample right here!  Just leave a comment below and you could win!

You can also get lots more tasty information about SNICKERS® or the new Crisper variety on Facebook and Twitter!

So satisfy your hunger in a lighter but scrumptious way with the new SNICKERS® Crisper!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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