JOLLY TIME Pop Corn; the best for movies!

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This is a sponsored post for JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and Mom It Forward.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Hey guys!!  It is the weekend!!  And that means it is time to relax.  My son Dean looks forward to the weekend because he gets his favorite treat in bed JOLLY TIME Pop Corn!

Jolly Time Popcorn

Dean loves pop corn and we settle him into bed after a long week of school and turn on a movie for him and he gets his bowl of pop corn in bed and he thinks it is the greatest thing!!


Dean loves popcorn

Now Dean isn’t the only one who looks forward to the weekends.  Friday night is when my husband Daniel and I get to finally sit down and relax with each other and catch up on our TV shows.  Of course we too enjoy sharing a big bowl of pop corn between us in bed while we unwind.

Movie night boys!

Saturday night is when we like to enjoy a movie together as a family.  JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is the star that night too but I jazz it up a little to make it extra special for our movie night.

While the boys pick out a movie and get all snuggled down and situated on the sofa I get our pop corn ready.


My husband and I like to add trail mix to our JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for a sweet, salty, chewy combo that is perfect for movie binging.

Trail Mix Popcorn

I like to surprise Dean by adding different candies to his pop corn.  This week I added gummi worms!

Gummi Worm Popcorn

Popcorn Toppings

With this family going through so much pop corn we have our favorite brand JOLLY TIME Pop Corn.  They have the best pop corn!  I love their kettle corn and Dean loves their Buttery Blast.

Pop Corn Night

So whether you are catching up on TV, watching the latest movie, binge watching shows or just looking for the perfect crunchy snack JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has got you covered!

Popcorn Kettlecorn

Want to win some pop corn for your next movie night?

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