Super “Hero” Subs

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hi guys!!!  I don’t know about you all but this is the last week of school for my boy and I am already getting a little worried about how to keep that summer boredom at bay.

Of course stocking up on activities and planning outings is a sure fire way to keep your summer fun.  Another way you have to prepare for summer is by making sure your pantry and fridge is stocked.  All that summer fun and running around in the sun makes for some hungry kids!

I make sure to head to Kroger and grab lots of Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat .  The ultra-thin is our favorite!!

Roast Beef

Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat saves summer around here.  They make a quick lunch when the kids are going nuts and they also make delicious sandwiches for dinner when it is just too hot to even think about cooking.

Now there will come a summer day most likely the hottest one, when you can barely move, the kids are crazy and full of energy but it’s too hot to go outside (pretty sure you all would just melt) and it’s also time for lunch!

I have the perfect solution for that day.  Grab some construction paper, crayons and scissors (kiddie scissors) and cut out little cape shapes with some pretty good length ties on either side.

Making capes

Set your kids down with some cold lemonade and have them decorate the capes while you prepare lunch.

Ahh silence while they are coloring, pshew!

Sandwich Cape

Now just so your kids don’t get bored of the same thing, make sure you grab plenty of variety of Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat from Kroger, they have so many delicious varieties you can have a new sandwich every week this summer.

To change things up for us I like to grab tiny sub buns, chipotle mayo, Hillshire Farm® Ultra Thin Roast Beef and some provolone slices.

Together they make an amazing sandwich, simple ingredients but big on flavor (and not too spicy, don’t worry)

Now we are going to turn these sandwiches into Super “Hero” Subs!!  You can actually make these with any variety Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat you like.

Once the kids are done with the capes and you are done with the “heroes” just secure the capes around the sandwiches with a little tape and suddenly lunch is super!

Heroes for lunch

I serve these with crisp, cold pickles and a few crunchy chips and the subs aren’t the only heroes at lunch time anymore!

Super Sandwiches!

My kids love these subs and it is such a fun way to keep them busy while you make lunch and feed their inner super hero!

Flying sandwiches Yummy lunch!

I hope this idea will save you on a hot summer day.

Super hero sandwiches

Don’t forget to head to Kroger for your Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat and have a great summer!!

Want more ideas for summer fun?  You can download fun ideas on how to prepare your Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat as well as games, activity sheets and coloring pages for your kids by going HERE.

So this summer how will you and your kids #PowerIt?


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