Dean’s 2nd Birthday

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Well its here my baby Dean’s 2nd birthday…  2nd? He’s 2?!?!  Where did the time go??

Where is my chubby little baby that would give me a huge toothless grin when I tickled him?
Where is my little newborn with dark silky hair I loved to rub my cheek on?
Where is the little baby that had to fall asleep with his hand under my chin?
Where is my baby Dean with the chubby chubby legs?
Where is the silly baby that loved to spit his food all over his bib and giggle?
Where is the sweet baby who would lay his head on my shoulder as I rocked him to sleep?

I blinked and I had a toddler, a little boy…..

A little boy who can call me mama.
A little boy who calls for his daddy when he wakes up.
A little boy who stands in my fridge and rearranges it for me.
A little boy who can swim his little heart out.
A little boy who can laugh at silly things.
A little boy who likes to play hide and go seek when its time to brush teeth.
A little boy who runs to me when he gets hurt.
A little boy who loves for me to read to him at night.
A little boy who makes me laugh and smile and makes my heart warm everyday.

And at the end of everyday I get to take that little boy in my arms and rock him before bed and in that moment he is my little baby again.

I may miss when he was a tiny baby but everyday I have more and more new thing to love.

Happy Birthday Dean, you will always be my little baby!!!!

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  1. My heart ached when I read this because it is so true! This shows me what a wonderful, caring and loving mom you are!

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