Happy Birthday Mom!!

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I wrote this post 4 years ago but it still holds true and I can’t say it any better than I did before.

Today is my mom’s birthday, of course like most moms she says she doesn’t want anything -_- but too bad lol.  I figured I would write a little about my mom for her today.

What can I say about my mom…. she is sassy lol, she loves zombie video games, she is the pickiest eater ever!!  She loves to stay up wayy too late and watch movies or reality shows.

Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, and she has a huge collection of stuff from it.  She got me to read Stephen King when I was younger and I have been hooked since (thanks!)

We love to get crabs on the weekend and sit down and pick them while we watch Supernatural (best show ever).  We spend alot of time together, there isnt much we dont do together.  Since Daniel works nights its usually just me and Dean and she is a lifesaver on those nights when Im exhausted, ready to pull my hair out and still have to work.  Dean loves his GiGi.

When I was in school, we would go on field trips and she would go to help, and everyone in the class would want to be in our group because I had the cool mom lol.  One fateful field trip started her long beanie baby obsession.

My mom is super tough and there is not much she wont take on (except water bugs).  But she has had to be, she has raised 3 kids pretty much alone and through some extremely tough situations that would tear down a regular woman but she always says God give you what you can handle and I guess she was put on the path she was on because she was tough enough to deal with it and make it through to the other side.

Everything she does she does for us kids whether we are 2 or 27.

She says she is proud of the way we have turned out, but she should be proud of herself because it is because of her that we are who we are today.


She was so excited when I got pregnant with Dean (she loves babies).  Dean loves her and she loves him and she is an awesome grandma to him even though he wears her out (he wears us all out lol).

So on her birthday just a note to let everyone know how awesome my mom is.  Though this short post doesnt scratch the surface of all the ways my mom is amazing those who know her already know.

Happy Birthday to my hero, my best friend, my mom!

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