Never Do Dishes Again with Dixie®

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The weather is warming up, some days it is down right hot!!  Days are spent in shorts with melted popsicles running down arms, trips through the sprinklers and movie watching while laying on the cool floors (aka mommy’s break time).  The summer nights are spent grilling outside by the glow of the lighting bugs, ice cream cones on the porch and sliding into cool crisp sheets after washing off the summer sunshine.

Summer also means the kids are home from school which means the sink can go from sparkly clean to full in 2 seconds flat.  All the meals and snacks all add to a lot of work for this mama.

That’s why when school lets out I make sure to stock up on my secret weapon to combat a sinkful of dishes… Dixie Ultra® Disposable Plates!!

Dixie Ultra

These plates are my favorite things in the world!

Dixie® has always been my go to when I don’t feel like doing dishes, but the new, stronger Dixie Ultra® with its reinforced rim is the strongest plate that they’ve ever made, so now I can serve even my biggest meals without bending or folding, I may #NeverDoDishes again.

Stronger Dixie Ultra

Now these Dixie Ultra® Disposable Plates are a lifesaver when the kids are home and it is just snack after snack and lunch after lunch, I swear I never knew two little boys could eat so much!  But they also are perfect for all those summer BBQs!

Super Strong Dixie Ultra_

There is nothing like sitting down to a dinner with friends full of food fresh off the grill.  After all that relaxing and yummy food the last thing I want to see is a sink full of dirty dishes with BBQ sauce stuck on, bleh!  So I bust out the Dixie Ultra® Disposable Plates and my only worry is what to have for dessert!

Dixie Ultra for BBQs

These plates save my summer and my sink which gets to stay clean and shiny and the only thing I’m washing in it is babies!


Of course I want to make sure I never run out of these amazing plates to stock up on them at Amazon so I know I will always have them on hand for all our summer meals!

So stock up and this summer make your heaviest, messiest meals and let Dixie Ultra® Disposable Plates worry about the mess!

Super Strong Dixie Ultra for BBQs

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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