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Mom’s Pasta Salad

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This is my mom’s recipe for a creamy pasta salad loaded with flavor and veggies.  This recipe can be adjusted adding in your favorite vegetables.  It makes enough to feed an army so feel free to half it or quarter it, it’s a very forgiving recipe.  Its best made the day/night before so the flavors have time to marry.  Save some leftover and throw in some tuna the next day for a fabulous quick lunch.  Serve this is up at your next bbq or take it to a party, it’s always a hit.

Mom’s Pasta Salad

    • 2 boxes Rotini, Penne, or Tricolored Rotini.


    • Half a jar of Miracle Whip


    • Half a bottle of Italian Dressing


    • 2 T chopped Parsley


    • ¼ Parmesan Cheese


    • 1 Cucumber seeded and chopped


    • Half an Onion small diced


    • 1 Green Pepper chopped


    • 1 Red Pepper chopped


    • 1 Tomato seeded and chopped


Boil and drain pasta.

In a large bowl combine Miracle Whip, Italian Dressing, Parmesan Cheese, Parsley and a good sprinkle of Pepper.

When well mixed add in all veggies and pasta.

Stir to combine and chill preferably overnight.

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