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Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake

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This Meatball Sub Bake is a real crowd-pleaser and only 4 ingredients!

Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake is everyone’s favorite recipe because it is easy, a real crowd-pleaser and only 4 ingredients!

Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake is my best friend.  I seriously do not know how I would make it through some weeks without it.

It is my favorite go to meal.  This best friend isn’t fancy, isn’t hard and is always there when I need it.

This is just 4 simple ingredients that go together to make a quick meal that everyone will eat. I will say this meal is most popular with men and kids.  It’s got meatballs, biscuits, sauce and cheese, what more could a picky eater ask for?

I find this dinner is one my kids love because there is nothing else but simple ingredients in there, no kale hiding in the sauce, no quinoa in the meatballs.

Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake is that one dinner everyone needs in their arsenal, the no fuss, no frills dinner that requires no thinking ahead and thawing meat for dinner, the dinner that requires no quick stop in to the store to grab ingredients (you can keep these all on hand).

Again this recipe isn’t trying to impress anyone, this dish is perfectly okay with what it is, a simple, easy, delicious recipe that is basic enough anyone can make it and everyone will love it.

It is so easy you can even get your teenager to make it while you are on your way home.  It is so easy my 8 year old could make it blindfolded.

Nothing gets more comforting and more easy than this Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake.  Just four ingredients and few minutes and you are ready to pop this dish of comfort in the oven.

This dinner is satisfying, warm, comforting and most importantly quick, easy and a crowd pleaser.  Plus it requires no planning ahead, you just pull some meatballs out of the freezer and crack open a can of biscuits.

pan of cooked meatball sub filling


  • Biscuits – I like to use the grand style biscuits for this recipe, but your favorite will work!
  • Meatballs – To save time I use frozen meatballs, I really like Sam’s Club brand but your favorite brand or homemade cooked meatballs will work too!
  • Spaghetti sauce – Use your favorite brand.
  • Shredded Mozzarella – You could use any shredded cheese you like. 

How to make Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake

  • So first you just pop open a can of Pillsbury Grands biscuits (or generic, whatever is on sale) and cut each one into 8ths.
  • Then just stir all the biscuits around with a cup and a half to 2 cups of sauce.  You can mix the sauce and biscuits in a bowl or right in the pan, the pan method saves on dishes lol.
  • Then you just top the biscuits with the meatballs, as many as you like.
  • Sprinkle the whole thing with shredded mozzarella and pop into a 375 oven loosely covered with foil for about 40 minutes. Then 10 minutes uncovered.
  • Voila, dinner is served and it could not be any simpler or tastier!
pan of cooked meatball sub filling


What kind of meatballs are best for this dish?

The best kind is whatever your favorite kind is.  If you like to make them from scratch go ahead and use those.  I use frozen because this is my favorite I don’t have to think ahead dinner so those work for me.  You can use chicken or turkey meatballs as well!

How can I jazz this up some?

If you don’t have picky eaters like me there are a few ways you can jazz this up, add some crushed red pepper and parm over the top for flavor.  You can use provolone instead of mozzarella.  You can also add some mushrooms or peppers to give it a punch of flavor.

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Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake is everyone's favorite recipe because it is easy, a real crowd pleaser and only 4 ingredients!

Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake

Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake is everyone's favorite recipe because it is easy, a real crowd pleaser and only 4 ingredients!


  • 1 can Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
  • 1 bag frozen meatballs
  • 1 1/2 cup to 2 cups spaghetti sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella


  1. Cut the uncooked biscuits into 8ths.
  2. Add the biscuits to the sauce, start with 1 1/2 cups, add more if you think it needs a little extra.
  3. Place into greased 9x13 dish.
  4. Place the meatballs on top of the biscuits.
  5. Sprinkle with the cheese.
  6. Bake at 375 lightly covered with foil for about 40 minutes.  Then 10 minutes uncovered or until biscuits are cooked through.
  7. Serve to your hungry family!


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    1. I do worry about that myself but so far all the bubble ups I have made haven’t had a doughy center. I would just try to make sure the sauce and cheese is evenly spread and not all in the center.

    2. I like to use a really large baking dish to spread everything out thin & I pre-cook the meatballs and cut them in half! Arranging them cut side down. Also, don’t use extra sauce…do the one and a half cups. I also hand shred my cheese.

        1. Either is fine! They can go in frozen but if you have thawed or fresh that works too. Thanks for stopping by!

          1. Just made these with homemade meatballs and home made marinara sauce. Thank you for all your hard work,taste so yummy ,my one puppy wanted some but it’s just for me

  1. If making my own meatballs do I need to cook them first? Im thinking probably so but thought I would get your opinion

  2. Question for you…did it bake through evenly? I’ve had bad luck with recipes like this in the past where the biscuits in the middle or those under too much stuff don’t cook well and it is raw dough in spots :( This recipe looks great & my son LOVES meatball hoagies, but I fear not getting all the dough evenly & well baked. Any tips??

    1. I have had that problem before, with this recipe I was lucky and it cooked all the way through lol. All I can suggest is to make sure the toppings are even and don’t all settle in the middle and that should help cook evenly. :)

      1. I altered it a little, I melt butter and garlic and coat the biscuits to make garlic bread and I bake the biscuits for 10 minutes by themselves and then bake regularly. This is a household favorite and the first few fine I made it I had the same issue with the biscuits not cooking enough but I don’t anymore!

    1. I am not too sure the pizza dough will work as well since it doesn’t get as puffy as the biscuits. Thanks for stopping by!!

    2. Made this today for the first time…. very good! I used a whole jar of spaghetti sauce and it wasn’t too wet. And the biscuits were not doughy. I used Walmart’s brand of homestyle meatballs, and when it came out of the oven i topped it with fresh chopped basil…. yummy!

  3. I made this for a potluck this weekend and it was a hit! I cooked it a little longer than 30 minutes though to get it all baked through and the cheese bubbly. I found that I needed a bit more sauce too. I just used a ~20 oz frozen bag of turkey meatballs and it was great! Thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to more easy crowd pleasing recipes

    1. Love your idea,
      When you cooked it a little longer than 30…. how long and was that with the foil still on and then regular 10mins with foil off?

  4. What size can of biscuits did everybody use? There are 2 sizes on our shelves!!! This is on tomorrow’s menu!!! Thanks so much!

  5. These ideas are wonderful and unique. I’ve always cooked traditional soul food meals that took a long time to make. I seeing a new world out here which is exciting to join in. New world here I come!

  6. I absolutely LOVE simple recipes like this! Perfect for a part time working, busy mama of two!! Thank you :) I can’t wait to try it!

  7. I made this recipe a couple of nights ago, and my husband got seconds. That means it was a hit! He said he even liked it better than an actual meatball sub. :)5 stars

  8. This recipe recipe has it all, fast, easy, delicious, hubby approved. It will become a staple in our house. Thanks for sharing.5 stars

  9. I’m making this for a friend who is in need of meals due to surgery. Do you think I should partially bake? Can I freeze? Any ideas??

  10. Don’t have a blog so I’m not sharing it that way, but made it for dinner tonight and sharing it THAT way! This is a great recipe. The best part is having so many choices of spaghetti sauce to make future batches with.


  11. Any thoughts on a substitute for the Grands? I’d love this recipe, but can’t have grand due to hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

  12. We loved this recipe. After reading several of the comments about the biscuits not getting done in the middle I covered my baking dish for about 30 minutes of the baking. I took the cover off and put the cheese on and baked the rest of the way. Super Yummy.

  13. Do you think it would be possible to make this meal ahead of time and then freeze? I have a friend who just had a baby, and I’m trying to find her easy freezer meals. I’m just not sure how it would work with freezing the biscuits, and then putting them in the oven to bake…

    1. I have never frozen it, I am not sure if it would freeze well because I am not sure if canned biscuits freeze well. This recipe might be best served fresh. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. I have not tried that. I am not sure how well it would work since the sauce might prevent the dough from cooking all the way, but you can certainly try it, it might turn out more like a pizza and would still be delicious!!

  14. I’m going to try making this tonight using biscuits I’ll make with Bisquick. Any thoughts? I’ll post again after making it. Looks so yummy and I have all the ingredients!

  15. If I’m going to use chicken would you suggest I cook the chicken first? I may have to otherwise it might put out a bit of moisture etc…soggy bubbles!????

  16. Made this tonight and it was delicious! Exactly what I was looking for…my bf and I love meatball subs, so when I saw this I decided to try it. Yummy! And it really doesn’t get much easier than this recipe! Perfect Friday night meal with leftovers for weekend lunches :) Thanks!5 stars

  17. Made this tonight but had to cook it miner than suggested time to get the dough cooked through. Will try mixing the sauce with the dough first next time.5 stars

  18. Have you done this with pizza sauce? I have a bit of a stock pile of pizza sauce and looking for ways to use it besides pizza.

  19. Thankyou!!! With 6 of us in the house, I doubled the recipe (and with 4 of the them males) I added a ton of meatballs. It was a HUGE hit!!!

  20. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!!! I made it for dinner tonight using Pillsbury French Bread dough in place of the biscuits. It was terrific. I cooked it for about 36 minutes to let the bread rise and the family loved it. No doughy taste and the bottom crust had a buttery golden look and taste. Really was a meatball sub all in one easy, quick dish. Looking forward to more great recipes.

  21. We absolutely love this recipe! We have made this many times and it has turned out perfect every time. It is such a quick weeknight meal and the kids love it!

  22. made this for supper today and it was yummy…i baked the biscuits before i put other ingredients on for about 10 min or so,, then followed the recipe..It turned out so good..thank you so much

  23. We just made this for dinner tonight. It was so delicious!! We added fresh basil and onion. Yum!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe!5 stars

  24. How many does this recipe serve? I was thinking of making this for my daughters volleyball banquet but I need to feed about 50 people…..any thoughts?

  25. Made this tonight. Easy and very yummy! Based on the comments, I did bake just the biscuits (brushed with melted butter, garlic & herbs) for about 8 minutes and then added the meatballs, sauce and cheese. I covered for about 20 mins and then removed cover and baked for 10 more. I then broiled for about 5 minutes @450 to make bubbly and browned.

    1. This looks like something my grandkids would love except with frozen chicken nuggets instead of meatballs? Hoping it works. Thanks Andrea for posting about the success with baking biscuits first!

  26. Turn out great! Used crescent roll dough because that’s what I had, don’t over do it with sauce- I was afraid I needed more, but it was just right!

  27. I’m assuming that if I use homemade meatballs I have to cook them before using them in this recipe. Am I correct?

  28. I have a question about the size of the pan. YOur directions say 9 x 13 but the photo in the recipe shows a round cast iron.
    Which is correct? If its the cast iron, what size is it?

    1. Yay! Im so glad you liked it. I am not sure how it would be after freezing, not sure the texture of the biscuits but you can always give it a try!

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