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Heeeey everyone!!  I know it has been such a super long time since I posted something besides recipes.  You guys just love the recipes soooo much and since I don’t have loads of time I stuck to those for awhile.  I am trying to get back to posting more about me and my family and of course crazy baby Dean, who is not such a baby anymore lol!

He is now 5 and a half and full of himself.  For awhile he was just a flat out hellion, but in these last 2 weeks he has changed and been behaving much better.  So all you mama’s out there with misbehaving 5 year olds, it does get better!!!!

While his behavior may have improved so has his spunky little mouth!  So for today I am going to share with you some odd conversations I have had with him this week.

Dean 3

While snuggling the other night….
From The Mouth Of Dean, babies

The other night he was in his bed and I was in mine (he can see me from his bed and vice versa) and it was getting late and he needed to go to sleep but he was being his normal chatty self trying to stall bedtime….

From The Mouth Of Dean Zombie Bacon


Yup, this is a usual conversation for us now.  Then night before last while brushing his teeth he decided to share some knowledge with me….

From The Mouth Of Dean Blood Drinking Cats


Soooo I’m thinking I need to have another baby at least to get rid of them blood drinking cats!!!

Also what the hell has this kid been watching?!? I’m pretty sure they don’t teach that kind of stuff on Disney!

Dean 2



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