Harvey’s Final Result on IAMS™!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IAMS™ for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Hey guys!!  I am here for one last check in with Harvey’s switch to IAMS™  He loves it, we love it and we are never going back!  IAMS™ has just been amazing for Harvey!

I already talked about how he loves the taste!  He was so picky before and just nibbled at whatever dog food we tried but he absolutely loves IAMS™, it is so great to see him eating something enjoys!

I also have talked about how he had some coat/skin issues, it has been a pretty much life long thing with Harvey he just gets very bad dry skin.  People had suggested we change his food and we had tried other food but nothing was working until we got him on IAMS™.  His coat and skin improved immensely!!  He is happier which makes us happier.  His hair is growing back where he scratched it off and his skin is not as dry anymore!  It is a miracle!

Now Harvey is getting older, he is almost 11 years old!!  We noticed he was running out of steam and just chalked it up to old age but he is getting some of his old spark back!!  He used to love to play outside and explore and go on walks but then he just slowed down and barely wanted to go outside to potty.

Now we’re not turning back the hands of time here but he actually is more interested in going outside again!!  He has started sniffing around more and letting us take him on walks again!

He even has been playing with his favorite toy more lately!  He really does feel much better with this switch!

So take the challenge and see the IAMS™ Visible Differences in your dog!  I am sure you will see great changes for the better in your pup too!

Now that we have made the switch and given it time to make a difference we are just so happy and so is Harvey!  IAMS™ quality dog food is all we will be using now.  We made the switch for good and are never going back!!  I know you will love it too!


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