Dr. Cocoa’s Relief With A Smile!!

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This is a sponsored post for a brand I love and trust. All opinions are my own :)

Hey mamas!! Ahh fall is here! The kids are in school, the air is getting chilly, it is the perfect time to pull out the quilts when you snuggle into bed on these crisp evenings. But wait! Did you hear that? Oh yes the unmistakable sound of a sneeze, then a sniffle, then the inevitable “Mooooom!!! I don’t feel good!!!”

So you drag yourself out of bed, wincing as your feet hit the cold floor and shuffle your way down the hall. One look at your sniffly little one and you mutter “I knew it” under your breath because you thought those twins at soccer practice looked sick.

So you usher your poor baby into the kitchen where it is time for the same old stand off. Just take the spoonful of medicine and we can both get our bleary eyes to bed. But noo, it can’t be that easy, you have to beg and plead and bargain and bribe and still not a drop goes down.

We’ve all been there and it is so frustrating trying to get your little one to understand how much better they will feel if they just take the medicine.

Now between you and me we know that neon pink liquid doesn’t really taste like bubble gum, but come on kid just pinch your nose and down the hatch it goes.

My Dean is allergic to red dye making our medicine options very limited, usually to just a bitter berry flavor that always prompts a 2 hour battle.

Then I found this miracle medicine!! Dr. Cocoa’s cold medicine. Oh what a lifesaver it has been. It has a rich chocolaty flavor that does a much better job at masking medicine taste much better than that grape-ish flavor. I especially love that it is dye free which is perfect for my families needs. It is also gluten free and alcohol free and FDA approved so no worries there!

I have no trouble getting Dean to take his medicine now, he gleefully opens up and in goes the yummy chocolate soothing medicine. He is back off to bed in no time with a smile on his face. I get to go back to bed faster with a smile on my face because I know my baby will be feeling better in no time without any fight.

I really like that Dr. Cocoa comes in 3 varieties, Night Time Cough & Cold, Day Time Cough & Cold and non-drowsy Cough.

So I keep my medicine cabinet stocked with all three and the sniffle season is no match for us!

Don’t worry about the medicine battle this cold season, just grab yourself some Dr. Cocoa and your little ones will be feeling better in no time!

Right now you can head on over the Dr. Cocoa Facebook Page and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a Dr. Cocoa puppet along with the complete line of Dr. Cocoa medicines!

Also I have another treat for you! A $2.00 off coupon! Awesome!

So stock up and enjoy Dr. Cocoa’s Relief With A Smile!

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. However, all opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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