Growing Up

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Sooo I have said it a million times here, we don’t judge other mothers right?  Ok then with that being said I have a confession, Dean is 3 and a half and not potty trained.  Partly my fault for not wanting to let go and partly his fault wanting to put his hands in everything (gross boys bleh).

Dean has always been fiercely independent since day one.  He even slept through the night so he didn’t even need middle of the snuggles from mommy L  He never took a pacifier, no issues going to a sippy cup, no issues switching from crib to big boy bed, nothing.  He gave them all up without a fight.

He is my first baby and right now he is my only baby and while so many moms can’t wait to potty train their kids I hate it.  It is the last thing he has left of his babyhood.  Going from seeing his little baby butt in a polka dot diapers to seeing my big kid walking around in spiderman underwear complete with the little flap in the front kills me.  It solidifies that there is no baby left in him anymore.  He already doesn’t fit in the cute footed pajamas with blue bears on it, he now has to wear Buzz LightYear or monster jammies.   No more cute little one piece outfits from Gymboree with sailboats, now all his clothes have racecars, Batman and Angry Birds.

Dean Collage

I think every mom goes through this and it might not be with potty training, it might be the last night your baby sleeps in a crib, the day you take away the pacifier, the day they switch from carseat to booster seat, whatever that last little bit of babyhood they have.

It is hard, just a harsh realization that they grow too fast, too soon, too big, and they won’t be babies forever.  Your chubby baby crawling across the floor turns into a little boy running around the front yard in rainboots too quick.

Now Dean is pretty much potty trained, we’ve got number 1 down, number 2 is a completely different story (trust me you do not want to know).  I know he would be fully potty trained in a heartbeat if I committed to it 100% but that is where I struggle because in order to do that I have to let go 100% to the realization that he is growing up because that one little polka dot diaper is all that is keeping my baby from becoming a kid.  Of course though he has grown into quite the rambunctious little boy he will always be my baby.

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