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Back on Track #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

It is a new year, and after all those yummy sweets, decadent meals and late nights this holiday season I am ready to get back on track with a balanced lifestyle!  This year is a big one for me, I am turning 30, Dean turns 5 and starts kindergarten and I am hoping to get pregnant with our second baby.   Woo I am overwhelmed just thinking about what a big year this will be.  I want to make sure I am ready to take it all on, that is where a balanced lifestyle will really play a huge role in making sure I am healthy and ready to rock this year.

I still have a little baby weight I would love to shed before getting pregnant and while I don’t want to diet I do need a little help staying on track.  I love to stock my kitchen with Lean Cuisine, Skinny Cow and Coffee-mate to help me make better choices.

I used to never eat breakfast which was slowing my metabolism down and making me ravenous later on.  So starting the year off right I am getting up earlier with the help of a little Coffee-mate in my morning coffee.  That jolt of caffeine and sweet vanilla creamer are the perfect thing to get me up and going and ready to do a little workout before Dean gets up.

Coffee mate #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

So far things are going good, I am on track with my day and it is time for breakfast.  Breakfast used to consist of…..nothing.  Mornings were just too hectic for me to fix myself some breakfast, but I have resolved to fix that.  These Lean Cuisine Turkey Sausage English Muffins are my new go-to breakfast.  Just a few minutes in the microwave and I have a warm, delicious breakfast that keeps me full till lunch.

Turkey Sausage English Muffin #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

Speaking of lunch my old way would be to warm up leftovers from the night before or anything I could quickly grab between cleaning, blogging and playing cars with Dean.  Now in just a few minutes I can have a comforting bowl of Macaroni and Cheese or a delicious veggie filled Creamy Balsamic Chicken Wrap.Balsamic Chicken #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias Macaroni and Cheese #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias


Both of these lunches are delicious and much better choices than my usual lunch.  I get a great quick lunch that is yummy and helps me make healthier choices.

When dinner time rolls around I am in such a rush fixing everyone’s dinner and lunches for tomorrow that by the time Dan leaves for work that night I just plop down in front of the TV with a big plate of whatever everyone else ate instead of taking the time to fix what I really what, a balanced dinner that I can feel good about eating.  I just do not have the time to fix ANOTHER meal on top of the ones I already make.  Again Lean Cuisine to the rescue!  When the dust settles I can go to the freezer and in minutes I can settle down with an amazing meal I don’t have to feel guilty about eating.  I love picking up the Sesame Chicken, the chicken is tender and flavorful and the noodles with the vegetables are amazing and taste so fresh.  Sesame Chicken #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

After bath time, more cleaning and wrestling a toddler into bed it is time for some “mommy time”.  Part of my goal of a more balanced lifestyle is finding the time for myself in everyday.  So instead of grabbing a bag of gummi bears and hopping on the computer to finish up a post, I am now taking a minute for myself and reading which is my favorite thing to do.  I still allow myself a little treat but now I am just making better choices by choosing a scrumptious Skinny Cow Devine Candy.  I love the caramel version and I really love that with Skinny Cow I can still get a treat while staying on track.

Skinny Cow #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

Now if it is the weekend and I am looking for a snack while we are watching movies I grab Lean Cuisine Three Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Pretzels.  They are ooey, gooey, cheesy little flavor bombs that satisfy my craving for a snack.

Pretzels #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

If I can get back on track and maintain a balanced lifestyle so can you!  You can start by heading to your Walmart and picking up all these delicious options just like I did.  The prices there also help you keep a balanced budget.Back On Track Walmart #WowThatsGood, #shop, #cbias

I fill my basket up with these products and feel so good about the changes I am making in my life.  The best part about staying on track with Lean Cuisine is they offer a Money Back Guarantee*  Try any 10 LEAN CUISINE® entrees from Walmart for ten days and if you don’t believe you feel great after 10 days, they will refund the cost of your 10 days of entrees, up to $25.00.

So what do you have to lose? Head to Walmart, grab these products and get yourself back on track!!

*LEAN CUISINE Feel Great Money Back Guarantee (“MBG”) available to residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C. only and only valid at Walmart. One MBG per household/address. Cash register receipt(s) and UPC codes required; no copies accepted. Register receipt(s) must be dated no later than 2/15/14, nor be postmarked later than 2/28/14. MBG covers Walmart price of 10 LEAN CUISINE entrées and any tax thereon; postage required to mail in MBG request not included. Official MBG Form (required), and full terms can be found at Offer ends 2/15/14.


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