Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

So this week has been pretty quiet! Things have gone smoothly, Dean was a hellion some days but that’s the norm around here. I, however, have been busy planning 2 birthday parties and doing the normal mom stuff and trying not to pass out from the heat between thunderstorms and I neglected my laundry duties :(


It was fine until we ran out of underwear for Dean. And believe me little boy underwear is not something that can be used 2 days in a row, nope little boy underwear needs to be put in it’s own biohazard bag at the end of the day.

So I just put him in his little shorts and let him go about his day. But he spilled milk on those and I realized that was his last pair of shorts (I swear I do laundry every week, he just goes through multiple outfits a day lol) So I let him go pants-less that day (he never minds that -_-) And I had to give up the laundry battle and wash a million pairs of little boy underwear, the Angry Bird ones, the Toy Story ones and so one. And here is to hoping they last us more than 3 days this time!!

Also I must confess that my husband and I have never had particularly clean language. He was a sailor and I me? well I have no excuse, I just have a potty mouth. Now we try to watch our mouths around Dean but he does hear the occasionally bad word when my hubby and I are talking or on the phone or something. And we always tell Dean that mommy and daddy said a bad word and little boys are not to say that word. He goes about his way and we think all was forgotten until something happens and he just blurts out some cuss word he has heard us say.

Now that is bad, but the worst part is, he uses them appropriately which makes it so hard to keep a straight face. Just the other day he and hubby walked around the corner of the house to turn the hose on and the dog next door started barking and scared the crap outta Dean and he jumped a mile, yelled “HOLY SHIT!!” and took off.  It is sooo hard to not laugh at him, so we do the bite our lips, while covering our mouth with our hands thing until the moment has passed and we can explain to him that he is not to say that. Then we laugh about it later lol!!!


So what about you guys? Anything to fess up this week?!?!? Come on!! You guys are leaving me hanging!!! :)

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  1. Haha! Well, it’s not crazy, but our clean laundry is piled in the chair in our bedroom. I had it all set to be put away yesterday, got sidetracked, and instead of putting it away before I went to bed, I piled it in the chair.

    1. Lol! Ours rarely gets put away before we’ve worn most of it again lol Thank you for sharing!!

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