Fluffernutter Treats and Orange Floats

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So every Saturday night we round up the girls and settle in to watch the greatest show ever, Supernatural!!  Of course we need snacks to munch on while we watch our boys kick some monster butt, so we take our respective spots on the sofa and load on up on bad for you, sugary snacks (hey its the weekend right?).  This weekend we kept it simple with orange floats and fluffernutter treats.  I don’t have a real name for the cookie/marshmallow/peanut butter combo but its something my family has always had and I can remember eating all the time when I was younger.  These snacks made for a great Saturday night and I hope they make your weekend a little sweeter too :)

No recipe for this one, just orange soda, vanilla ice cream and eat!!

Fluffernutter Treats

I have no real name for these but they are a quick and delicious treat I have had all my life.  Kids go crazy for them (and grownups too ;) My grandma made these for us, my mom made them for us and now you can too.  These are great for a quick dessert and so easy kids can make them themselves!

Just three ingredients here, spread vanilla wafers with peanut butter, sandwich a marshmallow between 2 and microwave till gooey!!

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    June 12, 2013

    Looks yummy and simple to make. I love orange flavor drinks best. The kids would love the wafer sandwiches. They love peanut butter.

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      Life With The Crust Cut Off says:
      June 13, 2013

      And they go perfect together for a movie snack!!

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