Fess Up Friday

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Ok so for this weeks Fess Up Friday, my confession is… I feel like I live with a tiny belligerent drunk.




This person frequently runs around my house with no pants on, no underwear on, just completely free.
This person often rambles on in an unknown language expecting me to answer.
This person talks extremely loud no matter how close we are.
This person is seen standing on top of tables, counters, chairs any high surface (again pants-less).
This person has moments of random dancing usually to no music, after which he sits back down like nothing happened.
This person has frequently thrown things, had to be restrained and has yelled obscenities this week.
This person has peed on my sofa, in my bed, on my floor and was caught in the shower (not on) peeing.
This person also has fallen asleep naked in random places.
This person spontaneously busts out crying for no reason.
This person is constantly running into things and falling waking up with bruises.
This person often ends his nights with slurred “I love you so much” multiple times.


This person is my son and of course he is not a tiny belligerent drunk, he just a toddler, a normal one at that.

So come on mommies fess up!! Did your toddler eat dirt while you weren’t looking? Ate gummi worms for breakfast? Peed in a bucket at Walmart? Did you lock yourself in the bathroom with a magazine and the good chocolate while little fingers poked under the door. Fess up, we love to read them!!!

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  1. OMG….I can’t stop laughing woman. OMG…seriously, can’t stop lauing. My son is the same exact way. Don’t you just love boys? I have given gummies, pretzels, and goldfish for breakfast. I need quiet time in mornings sometimes.

    1. Yes they are such a handful, but sooo entertaining lol!!! And yes I agree anything for a bit of quiet time lmao!!

  2. I hope you still do this tomorrow because I am working on my “Fess Up” for you. I will be adding it to my blog post because it’s a little long for the comments section and then will paste the link.


    1. Yay!!! Sounds great!! Fess Up Friday will up tomorrow and I cant wait to read what ya got!!

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