Why I love Finish® for my dirty dishes!! Plus a super savings offer!

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Finish tabs

Hi guys!! Today I want to talk to you a little bit about dirty dishes. We all got em right? Well for all my life until the last year I did not have a dishwasher and did all my dishes by hand. So I was thrilled when we moved into a house with a dishwasher, soo happy!

Of course when I went to Walmart, grabbed some cheapie dishwashing tabs off the shelf and home I went. I loaded up that dishwasher and turned it on.

I settled onto my sofa quite pleased that I no longer had to slave over the sink washing tons of dishes!

When the dishwasher was done I opened it up prepared to be dazzled at sparkling clean dishes. My face literally dropped in disappointment when I discovered my dishes were just mostly clean. There was still stains, greasy dishes and residue, so much leftover gunk!

It did not take me long to realize the issue was the cheapie tabs I bought.

I marched back to Walmart and scoured the shelf for the best ones and that is when I discovered Finish® tabs. There was a few to choose from and they all looked like just what I needed to bust through those dirty dishes. I settled on the Finish® All In One Powerball® tabs.

Finish in Walmart Finish All-in-one

I filled my dishwasher up with my gross dirty dishes and popped a Powerball® tab in.

Finish Powerball Dishwasher

When the dishwasher was done I held my breath, crossed my fingers, opened the dishwasher and VOILA!! Nice, sparkly clean dishes! I was amazed! Even my husband could not stop commenting on how clean they were given how dirty they started!

I was sold! Finish® gives me an amazing clean and shine. Now I never have to open my dishwasher to leftover stuck on messes making me have to re-wash my dishes ever again!

I am in love with the Powerball®, it scrubs away my toughest messes, even dried on, caked on casserole dishes and oatmeal bowls! It even cuts through greasy dishes and targets tough stains like tea and coffee! I don’t even have to pre-rinse anymore!


So I know you want to just run right out to Walmart and grab some for yourself right? Of course you do! Well I have something for you! Right now you can save with Ibotta when you buy Finish® or Jet Dry®

You can get

  • Bonus offer: If you buy any Finish® Detergent (23ct and larger) AND Finish® Jet Dry®, you’ll get an additional $1.00
  • You can earn up to $3.00 in rebates on Ibotta from Finish®!

At my Walmart my Finish® Powerball® Tabs were $4.93 but after my $1.00 off coupon they only cost me $3.93 Such a great value for such a great product!

So come on go get some Finish® or Jet Dry®, save some time, get sparkly dishes and save! Who doesn’t love all those things!?!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Reckitt Benckiser. The opinions and text are all mine.

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