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Hey mamas and daddies!  As a busy mom myself I know how crazy hard it is to get a moment together to just hang out and relax with each other without wiping butts, cleaning up legos and bathing your little ones (soooo much bathing, at least with boys lol).  So today I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a fun movie night for everyone.  Even dinner is a snap with delicious Tyson Any’Tizers!

We love movies around here, I do not feel like I have had a good weekend unless I have sat my booty on the sofa and watched at least one movie.

I am going to show you how to create a fabulous movie night for your kids and then a more grown up version of it for you and your sweetie after the kids crash.

I went to Walmart, my favorite place to shop because I can get all the things I need for these movie nights.  I hit up the frozen section first where I grabbed all our favorite Tyson Any’Tizers, Honey BBQ Boneless Wyngz, Buffalo Boneless Wyngz, Chicken Fries and Popcorn Chicken.  Yum!

Tyson Any'Tizers at Walmart  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias Tyson Any'Tizers  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

I love these Any’Tizers!  They are delicious and easy to make.  I just pop them in the oven and dinner is done!  I really like that they are packed with protein which makes sure everyone’s appetite is fulfilled in a nourishing way!  Of course my favorite part is they are made with all white meat chicken, which is important to me (no mystery meat here like some other brands).  Plus I love the fact that there are so many incredible varieties and I can always find something for everyone!

When I was grabbing out favorite Tyson Any’Tizers I noticed they had an offer to buy two (2) bags of Tyson® AnyʼTizers® snacks at Walmart and get a ticket to see the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie in theaters.

I was soo excited for this offer!  My husband is big a comic book nerd and The Fantastic Four is one of his all time favorites!  I know he is so excited for the new movie and now with this offer I can get a ticket to go see it!  Sounds like a perfect mommy daddy date night out!

But this weekend I was inspired by the offer to go with the superhero theme movie night.  I grabbed everything else I needed from Walmart and headed home to start a fabulous Movie Night In.

First up the kids movie night. I wanted to make a fun dinner so I heated up the Any’Tizer Chicken Fries and Popcorn Chicken while popping up popcorn.

Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Fries  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

I then filled these little baskets with popcorn and topped them with the (cooled slightly) Popcorn Chicken, so they each had their own little basket of popcorn and Popcorn Chicken, soo cute!  I served the Chicken Fries and some baby carrots along with ranch for dipping.

Popcorn and Popcorn Chicken  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias Chicken Fries  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias Kids Movie Night Dinner  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

I popped in a family friendly superhero movie and we all sat down and enjoyed some family time together.

When their movie was over, their chicken demolished and their faces washed and teeth brushed we tagged teamed and my husband tucked them in while I prepared out grown up movie night in.

I baked the Buffalo Boneless Wyngz and the Honey BBQ Boneless Wyngz, popped some more popcorn and prepped some salads.

Frozen Wyngz  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

The Buffalo Wyngz go amazingly with a Caesar salad dressing, and the Honey BBQ go great with a ranch dressing.

Buffalo Wyngz Salad  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

Once the salads were prepared, our drinks poured and little buckets filled with popcorn we were ready to settle in for a delicious movie night in.  We chose a more adult superhero movie and snuggled down on the sofa and just relaxed.

Salads and Popcorn  #TysonAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

I love these kinds of nights, everyone gets to watch their favorite movies, dinner is so easy, we spend family time together and we get a little grown up time together to unwind, have an amazingly tasty and easy dinner with a great movie!

Now I did just a superhero night but you can certainly use these ideas and make a FANTASTIC FOUR movie night either at home or the Tyson Any’Tizers make a great and easy dinner for before heading out to the movies.

You can match up the Any’Tizers to each one of the FANTASTIC FOUR…

  • Mr. Fantastic – Chicken Fries:  Tall and skinny just like Reed Richards who is a scientific prodigy who can stretch his body into impossible forms and to incredible lengths.
  • Human Torch – Buffalo Boneless Wyngz: Johnny Storm, a troublemaker and a thrill-seeker, Johnny can shoot fireballs, fly at breakneck speeds, and really light it up just like these spicy Wyngz!
  • Invisible Woman – Popcorn Chicken: Sue Storm is brilliant and beautiful, independent and has the power to become invisible and to generate her own force-fields, but there is nothing stopping you from enjoying this chicken!
  • The Thing – Honey BBQ Boneless Wyngz:  Ben Grimm is warm, even sensitive, despite his rough-and-tumble upbringing. His stone body gives him epic strength and makes him virtually indestructible.

To help you choose which superhero movie you should watch I have a Top 5 Superhero Movie printable list with superhero movies for your kiddos and also ones just for adults.  So pick one to watch with the little ones, then after they go to sleep pick one for you grownups to watch!

Top 5 superhero movies for kids and adults #CollectiveBias #Tysonandamovie

Now, I have shown you how to make an awesome dinner to go with your movie watching, I’ve given movie ideas and now for something fun for the kids to do, here is a Superhero Movie Checklist.  Just print this out and you kids can check off all the superhero movie staples as they see them.  We loves games like this while we watch movies and I know your kids will too!

Superhero Movie Checklist #CollectiveBias #TysonandaMovie

I hope you use my ideas and have your own movie night at home.  And don’t forget for those nights you can wrangle a babysitter and go out go see FANTASTIC FOUR.  You can get your ticket on specially marked packages of Tyson Any’Tizers ONLY AT WALMART!  Here is how to redeem yours…

  • Step 1: Buy – Buy 2 participating Tyson® Any’Tizers® products at Walmart between 6/15/15 and 8/15/15.
  • Step 2: Snap – Snap a picture of your receipt and text or email it to tyson@drvsusa.com by 11:59pm PST on 8/15/15.
  • Step 3: Get – Receive a code redeemable for a movie ticket to see FANTASTIC FOUR while in theaters. Code must be redeemed by 9/30/15 on tysonmovieoffer.com.
  • You can also go HERE to read how to redeem your ticket.
  • Find a Walmart near you so you can get yours HERE

Soo easy!  So have a movie night at home and then let Tyson Foods Take You To The Movies by getting your ticket and going to watch FANTASTIC FOUR in theaters August 7th!

Are you excited to see FANTASTIC FOUR?
What are your favorite Tyson Any’Tizers?

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  1. What a fun evening! We’re looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four movie, too. I think we need to have an at home movie night with Tyson Any’Tizers to prepare! #client

  2. These printables are great! I bet the kids will have fun checking things off that they see in the movie! Tyson Any’Tizers inspire so much fun! #client

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