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Homemade Gummis!!

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So for B’s birthday I decided we do something a little fun and make our own gummis.  It was soo easy and she loved making her own candy.  It took really no time and no ingredients at all.  I did have to order a mold but thanks to Amazon that was super cheap and fast too lol.  Everyone loved the gummis and they had a really good texture.  Dean stole about 10 lol, so needless to say he loved them.  Watching him chow down on them made me wish they were a little healthier and I figured since they were so easy to make I could experiment and use fruit purees or organic fruit juice and so on, the possibilities are endless.  There is that V8 juice that has fruits and veggies in it (tastes just like fruit) and I could make gummis out of those and get fruit and veggies into the kids lol.

So for today I am including the original recipes, super easy easy, 2 ingredients and done.  Later this week I will be expiermenting with the ones made with juice so results and hopefully recipe for those later!

Homemade Gummis (Living Like Little House On The Prairie)

1 package any flavor jello

3 packages unflavored gelatin

1/3 cup + a little water

Mix the ingredients in a sauce pan until there are no lumps.  Let sit for 10 minutes.  Put on low heat stirring frequently until liquidy.  Pour into the molds (no need to grease molds).  Pop in freezer or fridge for 10 minutes, peel out of mold and eat!!  It is that easy and fast!

Here is the link for the mold I bought to use, it was really cheap and made the perfect size gummi plus it can be used for like every holiday, its pretty universal lol


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