Dean and the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine

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So Dean is potty trained now and it was not the most pleasant experience I’ve had in motherhood, but for the most part it is done now.  That being said Dean is still a boy and boys are walking disasters waiting to happen.  There are days when I walk into my bathroom in shock that such a little person can make such a big mess!

Dean is very independent and likes to do everything himself and while I wish he would let me wipe his little hiney, he insists on doing it.  Since I do his laundry I know he is not doing the best job of wiping.  In comes the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine and it has saved my sanity (and quite a few pairs of race car underwear ;)

I keep the back of the toilet stocked with books that Dean likes to read, a few dinos for company and plenty of Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and their amazing cleansing cloths.IMG_0777u

The cleansing cloths ensure that Dean is getting everything super clean and I like that peace of mind.  The toilet paper is thick and absorbent and I know it’s strong enough to stand up to whatever Dean can throw at it.  Gone are the days of going into the bathroom to find shredded toilet paper everywhere because it couldn’t handle the job.

Now when Dean goes potty he cleans with the cleansing cloths, and then pats dry with the Clean Care toilet paper and he is good to go.  My bathroom stays clean and so does that cute little tush!IMG_0767

We are big fans now of the Cottonelle Clean Routine and I can’t imagine a day without it!  I am so glad I will be prepared for the next baby that needs to be potty trained.  We will be ready from the get go!!

We let Dean decorate his cleansing cloth case with stickers to make it fun and more his own and just to make it more appealing for him, it also helps him remember to use them every time.  So bust out those stickers and let your kid’s personalize their own case.IMG_0772

When you are shopping at Wal-mart for your Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and cleansing cloths check out this great deal —->

Head into Walmart and purchase both the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and moist Cleansing Cloths.

When you purchase BOTH items in store in the month of February you will receive a $5 Vudu offer. Vudu is like RedBox and offers HD movies. To receive the offer you you need to do as followed:

Take a picture of the receipt showing that you purchased both items

Text or email your picture to

You will receive a text or email back with a code valid for a $5 movie credit

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How awesome is that!!  I can’t wait to use mine and have a great movie night with my family thanks to Cottonelle!

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