Copycat Meximelts

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Copycat Meximelts are a drive thru favorite you can make at home! Melty cheese, flavorful beef and pico make these a family favorite!

Copycat Meximelts are a drive thru favorite you can make at home! Melty cheese, flavorful beef and pico make these a family favorite!

Copycat Meximelts are going to be you’re new favorite dinner, they are so super quick!

Hey guys!! Can I talk to you a little bit about a guilty pleasure I have?

I love Taco Bell, Taco Bell=life!  Every Friday night I look forward to some cheap tacos and Netflix bingeing with my husband, I mean is there anything more a busy stay at home mom could want at the end of a long week with 2 rambunctious boys?

Now I could eat Taco Bell every day (it technically would be cheaper than buying groceries) but I mean the drive thru ladies already know me by name which is a sign I already go there too much as it is.

Sooo I decided to make some of my drive thru favorites at home and share them with you guys!

Meximelts are my favorite and always have been. My grandma introduced me to them when I was younger and while most kids my age wanted chicken nugget kids meals, I wanted Meximelts.

These may be an overlooked item on Taco Bell’s menu but trust me they are amazing!

Meximelts are a perfect blend of seasoned ground beef, melty spicy cheese and pico de gallo, yum!  The best part is all the cheese! These are super cheesy, full of melty, gooey cheese with a bit of spice, but just a little bit of spice, these are not too spicy at all.  My picky eater kids who don’t like spice love these!!

We love recreating these at home because they are so easy to make, everyone loves them and they are a really quick meal.  For a super authentic taste you can use the Taco Bell brand taco seasoning mix from your grocery store, however any taco seasoning store bought or homemade is fine.

The reason I use the microwave to melt the cheese as opposed to an oven is because the oven would make the shell crispy and you want it to be as soft as possible to really replicate the original Meximelt.

So the next time that Meximelt craving hits or you just want to do a different spin on taco night, try these Meximelts, they are a definite winner!

Copycat Meximelts are a drive thru favorite you can make at home! Melty cheese, flavorful beef and pico make these a family favorite!

Copycat Meximelts

  • Brown and season ground beef
  • Place some beef filling and a bit of each of the cheeses in each tortilla
  • DO NOT skimp on the cheese, these are supposed to be super cheesy
  • Add a little pico, or salsa, or neither if you like
  • Roll in paper towels just barely dampened with water
  • Microwave 30 seconds a piece or a minute for 2

What I used to make these!

  • Cheese grater: You can use pre-shredded to save time but sometimes it can be hard to find pre-shredded pepper jack, so I use my favorite grater for that.
  • Copper Pan:  I am in love with copper pans!  They are perfectly non-stick making clean up a breeze!
  • Taco Bell Taco Seasoning: Stock up and make tons of yummy copycat dinners.

Can I freeze these?

While I have not tried it; I think if properly wrapped these could freeze well!  I also think they would be great made ahead and popped in the fridge to have on hand all week.  A damp paper towel while microwaving will make them fresh again!

How could I freeze these?

I would wrap them individually in parchment paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil and then pop them all into a freezer safe ziploc bag.  I think they would last 2 months give or take.

Can I double this recipe?

This is such an easy recipe to double or even triple!  Just double or the triple the ingredients and you are good to go!

Can I use different cheese?

You can use different shredded cheese, however for a truly authentic copycat the cheese I listed is best.

Can I use salsa instead of pico?

You can!!! Again it won’t be a perfect copycat but you can use salsa if you prefer.

Can I leave out the pico?

Of course!! Between you and me that is how I order it at Taco Bell, no pico!

Are these spicy?

Nope!! Even with the pepper jack these are not spicy.  The pepper jack does give them a little kick but even my picky eaters who don’t like spice love these Meximelts. Now if you are still a little worried about the spice level you can certainly omit the pepper jack.

Can I make these spicier?

Yes!! If you want to add a little more heat you can do so by adding more pepper jack than colby, getting a spicier pico or by even just adding some Taco Bell hot sauce which you can buy right at the store, or if you’re like me you should have a drawer with plenty of condiment packets in there and I am sure there are some Taco Bell hot sauce packets in there.

Can I make these with ground turkey?

You sure can! You can lighten these up a bit by using ground turkey!

Copycat Meximelts are a drive thru favorite you can make at home! Melty cheese, flavorful beef and pico make these a family favorite!

Want more copycat recipes?  Check these out!!

Copycat Meximelts

Copycat Meximelts

Copycat Meximelts are a drive thru favorite you can make at home! Melty cheese, flavorful beef and pico make these a family favorite!


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 envelope taco seasoning or homemade equivalent
  • 8 oz pepperjack shredded
  • 8 oz cheddar or colby shredded
  • 8-10 tortillas
  • Pico de gallo -store bought or homemade


  1. Brown and drain the ground beef.
  2. Season with taco seasoning.
  3. Place some cheddar cheese on each tortilla (these are supposed to be extra cheesy)
  4. Spoon on some of the beef filling.
  5. Top with shredded pepperjack.
  6. Spoon on a little pico de gallo.
  7. Roll each tortilla up and wrap in a slightly damp paper towel.
  8. Microwave 2 at a time for 1 minute.
  9. Serve and enjoy!

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  1. avatar
    March 4, 2014

    I should not be looking at this right now, because it is dinner time and you are making me hungry! This is definitely right up my alley :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. avatar
    March 8, 2014

    You had me at melty cheese. Yummm. I’ve heard the term before, probably from Taco Bell, but never knew exactly what a Meximelt was!

  3. avatar
    erin says:
    March 8, 2014

    I LOVE MEXIMELTS! Thank you!

    • avatar
      Carrie says:
      February 13, 2021

      I love Meximelts! So bummed when Taco Bell stopped carrying them! (Many years ago.)

    • avatar
      Angela Beene says:
      May 7, 2021

      I love meximelts. They were always my go to at Taco Bell. Sadly our store is terrible so I’m so glad I can just make these at home yummy..

  4. avatar
    March 9, 2014

    I have a daughter who is into wraps and cheese… she’s going to love this. Thanks for bringing it to foodie friday.

  5. avatar
    March 9, 2014

    I SURE DO LOVE this simple and delicious looking copycat recipe. Thanks so much for sharing at Weekend Potluck…please come back again soon.

    • avatar
      Kevin Richardson says:
      February 26, 2021

      Nice recipe…Since Taco bell removed the meximelt, I’ve started using a clothing steamer to melt my cheese and give that same ‘feel’ to the tortilla that TB use to have.

  6. avatar
    Marti says:
    March 11, 2014

    OHG this looks amazing. I love Mexican food…I’m going to have to try this. All these recipes look awesome! Thank so much for sharing it at Sewlicious Home Decor. Pinned to the party board. :)

    • avatar
      Kelvin says:
      September 28, 2019

      I used to love these. I see in your photo you added tomato, is that something we should add? I also remember the strong Tate of cilantro is that something we should add?

      • avatar
        Parrish says:
        September 30, 2019

        In the photo there is pico de gallo added which has tomato, onion and cilantro which was included in the Taco Bell version. Here I just purchased premade pico and added that.

  7. avatar
    Marti says:
    March 11, 2014

    I meant *OMG! ha typo

    • avatar
      Nikki Krakauer says:
      December 28, 2020

      I love these, and also the Mexican Pizza. So I cook up about 2 lbs. of ground beef, with chopped onions & put into a ziplock bag. When I decide to make something that calls for cooked ground beef, I scoop out the necessary amount and it thaws almost immediately. I add whatever additional flavorings I need for whatever I’m planning. HTH!

  8. avatar
    Nicole says:
    March 12, 2014

    These look so good! We love Taco Bell, even though it’s nasty for you :) These look way better! Thanks for linking up with Let’s Get Real. :)

  9. avatar
    March 14, 2014

    Oh yum! I love this new copycat series idea. I can’t wait to see what else you put in here. I want to try this one for sure, we love Taco bell. Thanks for sharing it on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  10. avatar
    Karen says:
    August 13, 2014

    could you make these ahead and freeze them for an easy snack?

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      August 13, 2014

      Sure! I have never frozen them but I think it should work out fine :)

  11. avatar
    November 14, 2014

    Saved to make for hubby, he’s a Texan and loves Mexican food!!!

  12. avatar
    Jazmin says:
    February 21, 2015

    I would like to say THANK YOU for this Mexi Melt recipe. This now is my boyfriend favorite meal that I make and the fact that he could not stop obessing and telling me Thank You and this is his favorite meal and requesting to make it a staple in our meal plan makes me VERY happy. Thank You SO much for being a lifesaver. I will definitely becoming to your site for more lifesaver recipes that me and my boyfriend will enjoy on a budget.

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      February 23, 2015

      Yay! I am glad you like it!! Thanks for stopping by :D

  13. avatar
    April 13, 2015

    These look so yummy! A perfect recipe for my family! Thanks so much for sharing at the #mondayfudayparty! :)

  14. avatar
    April 14, 2015

    Wow…not only do those melts look delicious but I really want to try the ginger soy ribs too!!!

    • avatar
      Ridrika Allen says:
      July 23, 2019

      Can’t wait to try these thats my favorite taco bell item

  15. avatar
    April 15, 2015

    ohhhh these look seriously delish and cheesy!! nom :) We make soft wraps all the time, never thought to microwave them to make melts! Appreciate your sharing with Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  16. avatar
    April 15, 2015

    Dropping by the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop (on Recipes for Our Daily Bread). I saw the word “Meximelts” and had to click. I had actually never heard of them. I think I might be in love…this looks so easy to make. I wonder if husband would count this as “cooking dinner”? I do make my own pico de gallo, though. (Most of the time…haha).
    p.s. I think I’m going to go pin this, and maybe check out your Pinterest page!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      April 16, 2015

      Oh they def count as cooking, just relaxed cooking lol!!! Hope you try them :D

  17. avatar
    Romany says:
    April 16, 2015

    These look absolutely delicious, and I know my picky four year old will love them without the spicy cheese too, I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for sharing!

  18. avatar
    Chelsea says:
    November 2, 2015

    I made this dish last night, and it was amazing! I did change a few things. Since I am trying to be a little more healthy, I switched the ground beef for ground turkey. Instead of the pepper jack cheese, I used Parmesan cheese. Lastly, I used a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies. This helped because normal Pico de Gallo has salt already added. The can I bought had no additives yet. There was enough flavor in the taco seasoning, so they came out delish! Thank you so much for your recipe!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      November 3, 2015

      So glad you liked it!! Thanks for stopping by :D

  19. avatar
    Mary Elizabeth says:
    November 21, 2015

    Made this tonight and I used a spicy pico. They were fantastic! I think I like them better than taco bells!!!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      November 25, 2015

      Yay!! I am so glad you liked them! Thanks for stopping by!

    • avatar
      Susan says:
      May 10, 2019

      So glad I found this! The meximelt is the only thing I ever got at TB and I just found out they’ve discontinued it!! I’ll be making my own from now on-thanks!!

      • avatar
        Parrish says:
        September 30, 2019

        They took them off the menu everywhere :( They were my favorite!

  20. avatar
    CK says:
    February 27, 2016

    I made these last week and wow! These were on point…my family wanted them the next day. Thank you!

  21. avatar
    danceerb says:
    November 4, 2017

    I made these today for lunch on a Saturday. My boys even ate them and my husband loved them too.

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      November 8, 2017

      Yay!! I am so glad you all liked them!! Thanks so much :)

  22. avatar
    Diana says:
    February 26, 2018

    Oh yum! I have a secret love affair with Taco Bell. Definitely all over the meximelts!

  23. avatar
    Sues says:
    February 26, 2018

    I’ve never had a Meximelt from Taco Bell, but now I feel like I’ll never be happy again until I have this homemade version. So good!!

  24. avatar
    Lacey says:
    November 25, 2018

    Loooove these! And Chilitos, too! Do you remember those? I think the only difference is using cheddar cheese and a really large, thin tortilla. And, now I definitely need to make those, too haha.

  25. avatar
    Keegs says:
    December 30, 2018

    Love it…have not had in years. My only question is I think you are missing cilantro, I think it gives it that unique taste. Could be wrong. Thanks for this.

  26. avatar
    Mindy says:
    January 29, 2019

    Thank you! Taco Bell Meximelts were the only thing that settled my nausea while pregnant. I know… weird…but they did the trick. Can’t wait to try this home made version!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      February 1, 2019

      They are the best!! Hope you like this version!

  27. avatar
    February 11, 2019

    I just loved it, I’m not only going to give it 5 stars. But, I’m going to share it with all my website’s followers on the social media. Thank you for giving me something useful to share it today!

    • avatar
      Angela C says:
      January 5, 2020

      These Meximelts are great thanks for the receipe! My favorite thing to order at Taco Bell!

      • avatar
        Parrish says:
        January 14, 2020

        Me too! So sad they got rid of them!

  28. avatar
    Ray Tetreault says:
    March 21, 2019

    Hi from Ohio! I found your “Halfway Homemade” cookbook at the library today and made a list of several recipes that I *will* be trying, I have the book on my “buy” list and decided to check this web site for even more guilty pleasures. You’ve found a new friend, fan and follower because I’m halfway crazy about Life With The Crust Off!!! 5 star rating on this recipe, 6 star rating on this web site and cookbook!!!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      March 24, 2019

      Awwww you just made my day!!!! I am so glad you are enjoying the book and site!! I hope you enjoy the recipes you try!

  29. avatar
    Genie says:
    April 19, 2019

    I used to love Meximelts but they have gone downhill in the past few years. This recipe reminds me of what they USED to be. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      April 25, 2019

      Thank you for stopping by!! Hope you like em!

  30. avatar
    Kim says:
    September 3, 2019

    I used to love taco bell but not anymore ….my Mexican food is much better than theirs lol……..I didn’t even realize they still had those ……Will be trying these at home soon . Thanks for sharing

  31. avatar
    Dee says:
    November 8, 2019

    It’s Nov. 2019. They have stopped making meximelts at most of the Taco Bell restaurants in my area which is Orlando, Fl. I was very upset until today when I saw your post! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • avatar
      Parrish says:
      November 21, 2019

      Aww, I know I was so upset!! Hope this helps you get your Meximelt fix!

  32. avatar
    Drillly says:
    March 18, 2020

    Nice recipe, I will try this recipe sure, because it seems very yummy.thanks

  33. avatar
    Tina McCallum says:
    July 1, 2020

    My 7 year old daughter is finally trying new things and realized she likes soft tacos. I then thought it would be fantastic to have a Meximelt and there has to be a copycat recipe. I was so happy to find yours! I do keto so I got low carb tortillas and boom! Used some grass-fed beef and easily fits into my meal plan. This used to be the only thing I would eat at Taco Bell till they discontinued it. Yummy!!

  34. avatar
    Kathy says:
    October 3, 2020

    I just moved from Southern California to Southern Utah. About the only thing I dislike about the new digs is the fact that the lone Taco Bell has discontinued the Mexi-Melt. Boy, I miss them.

  35. avatar
    Debbie says:
    January 24, 2022

    Made these tonight, sooooooo good! And so simple!

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