“Unfried” Fish

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This is more of a technique than a recipe.  We love fried fish in our house, the kids love it too (always a plus for a recipe).  I wanted to make it a little healthier and a little easier, no one like standing over a pan of hot oil while you stink up your house with fried fish smell lol.  So I devised this little technique to get crunchy fish right from the oven.  Its simple and I guarantee you ll never miss the deep fried fish your used to!

Unfried Fish

    • Preheat oven to 450-500.


    • Start with whatever thin sliced frozen whitefish you like (we use tilapia only).


    • Put all your fish filets in a bowl of cold water.


    • Prepare another bowl with cornmeal and salt (salt to your discretion).


    • At this point you can add whatever seasonings you like, pepper, garlic salt, cayenne, whatever you like, we stick with just salt around here.


    • Take a rimmed cookie sheet and add 3-5 T peanut oil (or canola) and coat the pan.


    • Dip your fish in the cornmeal and place on baking sheet.


    • Spray tops of fish with cooking oil and place pan in oven.


    • Cook until fish is crispy and cooked through (depends of thickness of fish, but shouldn’t take too long)


There you go “fried” fish without the hassle. :)

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    April 18, 2014

    “I guarantee you ll never miss the deep fried fish your used to!” We’ll JUst see about that. (but i am sure you are absolutely right!)

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