Top Ten Gifts for the Mom On The Go

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This holiday season, I’m swapping gifts with another blogger is a mom on the go for eBay’s holiday gift exchange. I’ve partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy!
Hey guys!! It is almost Christmas! I love everything about the holidays, the lights, the Christmas music, the big holiday dinners, everything about this time of year is just perfect!
Everyone always seems a little jollier, a little more in the holiday spirit!
Every Christmas morning my family and I gather at my grandparent’s where everyone is exchanging presents so there is always a huge pile of gifts waiting for my grandpa to hand out.
Now with such a large family to buy for it would be pretty easy to just run by the drugstore and grab some gift cards right? Nothing to really wrap up, nothing to really think about and also nothing really personal. Gift cards can be great (especially for those hard to buy for teenagers lol) but they don’t really require a lot of thought.
I pride myself on my gift giving abilities. I mean you have 365 days to plan people. The holidays are the same time every year, so it’s not like they come as a surprise! I always make sure to keep a list all year with all the people I need to buy for and I jot down ideas and things they have mentioned and voila I look like a gift giving master!
One secret weapon to perfect gift giving is eBay. I have been a long time fan of eBay. You can get brand new items at a discount, things from your husband’s childhood that will just make his Christmas morning, one of a kind items, that cookie jar your grandma wanted but you can’t find in stores anymore, and anything else you need!
eBay is perfect for finding gifts that will really wow, thoughtful gifts, gifts you can order in
minutes (while wearing your pajamas!)
I can get my husband a long sought after Captain America #100 in less time that it
would take to pick up a gift card and it will mean so much more to him.
eBay also helps you if you are a little stuck on what that perfect present might be. They have collections to help you narrow down your search and find a present sure to bring a smile when opened.
In fact I have complied a quick collection of the Top Ten Gifts a Mom On The Go would want. I know I am a busy mama and most of us know a mom on the go and I hope these ideas help you brighten her holiday.
All of these fabulous gifts can be bought right from eBay, aren’t they amazing!
We all have seen Fit Bits but have you ever seen one so stylish and gorgeous!!
A Fit Bit is the perfect gift for anyone on the go but this Tory Burch version will have the busy mom in your life looking fabulous while counting all those steps she takes.
I do not know what I would do without this stunning planner in my life! Not only are they beautiful, but all the stickers and accessories that come with it are fun and keep me on track! A planner like this is a must have for any mom on the go!
A mom on the go is just that… a mom on the go, which means she probably is not home as much as she likes. A Nest Thermostat will help her keep the house under control from her phone! This is one amazing gift and will help that busy mom keep her home running perfectly!
I know if there is one thing I could not live without it is my portable hard drive. It is a lifesaver and I can take with me wherever I go and I am sure it will be a huge help to a mom on the go. They are so little and can just slip right in her bag.
Just because you are a busy mom doesn’t mean you can’t be a stylish mom. I love S’well Water Bottles because they are so easy to bring with me everywhere and they are just so gorgeous! With so many styles to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one!
A busy mom, especially a busy mom on the go knows how hard the day can be on your feet. Tieks are amazing! They fit right into your bag and are so comfortable! When you are waiting in that carpool line before grocery shopping these are perfect to slip into and give your feet a break. The only problem is
trying to choose between all the amazing styles!
Every busy mom has to stop eventually and when she does there is nothing more amazing or relaxing than a hot, steamy bath, especially one with a bath bomb. Bath bombs are my new obsession and the perfect gift for a mama who needs a few minutes to herself to pamper and relax!
If you really want to wow that mom on the go and really give her a gift that will knock her off her feet a Tory Burch Tote is the way to go! These are so stylish and so practical. She can fit everything she needs for the day in there and still look like a million bucks!
It is getting chilly especially with those early morning school drop offs and a North Face jacket will keep that mama in your life super warm. eBay has so many to choose from and they are such a great gift!
All that running around all day can take a toll on a mom and her phone. Make sure she isn’t caught with a dead battery by gifting her a stylish portable phone charger. She can grab it on her way out the door and know her phone can be charged anywhere the day takes her.
These are just a few gift ideas that I think would be great for that busy Mom On The Go in your life. You can get all these fabulous presents right from eBay and it doesn’t get easier than that!
I have a busy Mom On The Go blogger friend as a secret Santa this year and I know what I am sending her!
The Tory Burch Tote. It is just too amazing! I hope she likes it, but who wouldn’t love to receive this as a present!
So this Christmas get all your holiday shopping done with eBay, they have such great deals and with Buy It Now there is no waiting and no bidding so you can be sure to make all their holiday wishes come true!
I know these gifts will make that mom in your life happy and being able to get them so easily off eBay will make you happy too!

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