Spicy Sour Cream Rice Bake

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Campbell’s Soup Company . All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey guys!! Today I want to share with you and update on one of my favorite side dishes.

One of my go to side dishes is this Spicy Sour Cream Rice Bake.  We love to have tacos and quesadillas and fajitas for dinner but I often struggle to come up with a great side dish to pair with all those bold mexican flavors.  This Rice Bake fits the bill every time!  Plus you can add chicken to it and make it a whole meal in itself!

Now I was getting ready to make our favorite go to when I spotted my trusty Swanson Broth in the pantry and I started to think how it could add an extra layer flavor to this dish.  

Swanson Broth is already such a staple in our home.  I love using it in everything from sauces, to gravy, to a soup starter which is why I always keep it on hand.

Now I swapped the water I cook my rice in in this dish and you should try it too!  Next time you are whipping up your favorite side dish try swapping the water with Swanson Broth.  It will make such a difference and add big flavor!!  

I don’t think I could ever go back to making rice with just plain water again!  The broth just infuses the rice with such a rich flavor that really elevated our favorite side to the next level.

I already love Swanson Broth and now I love it even more because it now has a measuring strip and screw cap which makes things sooo much easier!!

Swanson broth is the perfect balance of chicken, vegetables, herbs and spices that just brings such amazing flavor to anything you add it to which is why I used it in place of water in this Spicy Sour Cream Rice Bake. 

After I cook the rice in Swanson Broth I add cream of chicken soup, sour cream, green chiles and pepperjack cheese.  Then I bake it and serve it!

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It is just the most delicious rice you could ever have, it is creamy, spicy and cheese and makes the perfect side dish for any dinner!

So take the Swanson Broth Side Dish Challenge and swap out the water in your family’s favorite side dish and be amazed at the flavor it brings!

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