The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep is a lifesaver!!

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Okay guys I am going to take a break from recipes and back to school stuffs to tell you about something amazing.

This post is not sponsored at all, this is my 100% opinion and experience with this book.  I just got done reading it to Dean and was so excited I had to jump on here and share it with you fellow mamas.

Dean has always been a good sleeper, he stays asleep all night, he doesn’t get up at the crack of dawn but there is one problem… he will not fall asleep for anything.  Every night I put him to bed and every night he is chatting away to me, making his stuffed animals talk, rolling and tossing until midnight, sometimes 1 am!!!

I tried everything.  There are days where he has played out in the heat, ran around like a maniac, gone to the zoo and walked around in the sun for hours there, long days at the pool or beach, and we would come home and I would think to myself “He is going to pass right out as soon as his head hits the pillow.”  But nope, he is still in there not sleeping come 11:30.

He starts kindergarten next week and his late night habits are not going to work anymore.  I needed something asap!

I have tried everything to get him to go to sleep earlier but today I heard about this book “The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

Supposedly it makes kids fall asleep like magic.   I was super skeptical, I’m pretty sure horse tranquilizers wouldn’t even work on getting Dean to sleep but it was worth a shot.

This book is set a little different, it has some instructions in the beginning on how to read it to make it work.  It also explains why the wording may be a little strange sometimes or the punctuation may be off but those are key factors into making this work.

Basically it almost like you are hypnotizing your kid to sleep.

There are places you read softly, sentences you really emphasize, spots where you insert your child’s name and places where you yawn.

I cannot stress enough how late Dean was staying up, he would not settle, he would not close his eyes and sleep.  He just wanted to stay up late.

I snuggled him down, turned off the lights (since I had the Kindle Version) and started to read.  He fidgeted for about 5 minutes before laying still and just listening.

I read on and noticed he was being so very still, I would peek over and his eyes would still be open but sleepy.  It was only 9:20, there was no way he was falling asleep.

I read some more, got the middle of the book and checked again, HE WAS OUT!

I was shocked, I immediately called my husband and texted my mom.  This was insane, this book really was magic.

Again I was skeptical because Dean was a pretty extreme night owl and everything else had failed.  I literally want to shout it from the roof tops how amazing this book is!

Now of course I cannot promise that this book will work for your kid, but again Dean would still be wide awake come midnight and never fell asleep before 11 so this really did work for us and I hope it will work for you too!

Again this is not a sponsored post, I am just so in awe that I had to share.  That being said I feel it fair to let you know if you do click through the links in this post they are my Amazon affiliate links.

I am going to read this to Dean again tonight and I will update in the morning!!

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