Mini Pies

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Like every Saturday night my girls and I got settled down on the sofa for 2 hours of Supernatural and of course we needed snacks… that is where these mini pies come in.  This is really more of a technique than recipe.  These mini pies are great because you can just pop them in your mouth, no fork required.  They are great for parties and can be made in an assortment of flavors, blueberry, cherry, lemon curd or go traditional with apple like I did here.  You can make everything from scratch or if you’re short on time you can buy premade pie crust and premade filling.  For a busy Saturday night I opted to go half and half, premade pie crust with scratch filling.  These are simple to make, great on flavor and everyone loves them.

Mini Pies

    • Pie dough (from scratch or homemade)


    • Pie filling-any flavor (from scratch or homemade)


All you do is simply spray a mini muffin tin.

Roll out the pie dough and cut into rounds with a glass.

Press gently into the muffin tin.

Fill with pie filling.

Top with remaining pie dough either just cover it or do a lattice.

Bake till brown and bubbly and done!!

These were great to just pop in your mouth and awesome on top of ice cream.

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