Loving Walmart Organics!

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This is a sponsored post written by me about a brand I 100% love and want to share with you!
Walmart Organics

Hey mamas!  I am an avid Walmart shopper, it is convenient and I love their prices (plus I can bribe Dean with Legos while shopping lol).  I love them even more now thanks to their awesome organic produce section!

Every Thursday my mom and I pack Dean up and we head to Walmart to buy our groceries for the week.  We always shop Walmart because they have the BEST prices and I don’t have to spend any time clipping coupons to get the good deals lol.

As a mom I try to make sure our fruits and veggies are organic and that is not easy on the wallet all the time.  So I was jumping up and down in the aisle when I spotted Walmart’s new organic line.  Their organic section is expanded and easy to spot their organic produce as it is now clearly marked with a purple label.

I am so happy I can now get all my organic produce right at Walmart at their Walmart prices, that makes for a very happy mama!  I rely on Walmart for their low prices and the fact that they now offer organic at their prices is just the best news!  Now I can fill my cart with organic produce like avocados, apples, carrots, broccoli, onions, kale, juices, grapes, potatoes and more!

I really like their organic packaged salads to make a quick lunch with.  Dean really loves their organic strawberries which he eats every day with dinner.

I can’t wait to go back this week and stock my fridge with lots of yummy organic produce and you can too.  Walmart is offering around 50 Marketside organic produce items and in 2,3oo stores their organic produce will have it’s own section making it even easier to spot.

So head to your Walmart check out their organic section and look for their produce with purple organic label and USDA organics seal!

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