Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

It is that time again!!  Friday!! Time to Fess Up Ladies!  Soooooo it doesn’t seem like many of you want to fess up but I still will :D

So my fess up this week is I accidentally gave Dean something he was allergic to….twice. Epic Mommy Fail there.

Soooo we went to the store and I went to pick up his juice which is some Motts for Tots with like no sugar in it or something like that.  But holy crap it is pricey at Kroger and right next to it was V8 Splash a whole dollar cheaper and boasting that it was full of veggies, so it was cheaper and full of veggies, score!  It looked a little thick but I water his juice down anyways so I picked up 2 and went on my way without a glance at the label.  Now his regular juice is just juice and water pretty much so I just took it for granted that the new juice would be the same.

So for 2 nights in a row after dinner Dean threw up or “spilled” as he calls it and I had no idea why.  I figured he had caught a bug or something.



But it didn’t make sense, he was fine all day, fine after he puked and pretty much fine before he puked.  While scrubbing puke out of the carpet again (we didn’t always make it to the puke bucket) I commented to myself how bad it was going to stain the carpet because it was so red……so red……so red??  SO RED!!!!!!

Then it alll clicked and it all made sense.  I hopped up, ran to fridge and grabbed the bottle of juice, flipped it over and there it was red dye #40 which Baby Lumps is allergic when it is liquid (found that out the hard way when he was a baby and taking Tylenol).  I finally figured out what was making my baby sick and it was all my fault :(

I felt awful, I should have checked the label.


So back to the old juice we go and Mommy swears to remember no red liquids (we also forgot last summer when he had his first slurpee, my poor carpets).

P.S. Dean learned a new phrase this week “Soooo long Suckas”

P.P.S.  My mom got him to watch Gangnam Style and he sings it except he sings “Woop Woop Woop WoopWoop Wupenstile”  I think he is singing the German version?

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  1. So we don’t have kids but we do have a full house. My hubby and myself, his mother, and 5 cats. It isn’t always easy living with an in-law but I think we make it work. My fess up? Nothing in my house is sacred, and this esp goes for snacks and sweets. I can buy something, go to look the next day for it, and it’s gone! So I have now decided that for my sweet tooth to be satiated when I need it to be, I have started to hide munchies in my dresser. It’s sad really, a twix and some reese’s cups nestled in between bras and socks. Luckily there is no way anyone will find them, as I am the only one in the house capable of putting clothes away :) I just hope the ac doesn’t stop working… or all my underclothes will be tasty LOL.

    1. LOL! That is hilarious! I have to wait till me son goes to sleep to eat my gummi bears or I wont get any lol, so I totally understand! Good advice on hiding them in with socks and panties lol!!

  2. Oh no! Well, we’re all human and make mistakes. At least you did catch it. I know today isn’t Friday, but I’ll fess up that I’ve been a little lazy this past week. I go back to my real day job in two weeks and I’m mentally dragging my feet. Things didn’t get done around the house like I normally would do. Rather, I just immersed myself in a lot of talk shows and judge shows. I did get some writing done for my blog, but that was about the only really productive thing I did do. I’m hoping next week, I’ll do better! :)

    1. Everyone needs that time to relax though!! At least you got some writing done :) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I’ve made so many mistakes with my daughter that I’d need about 10 looooong blog posts to fess up to them all! Like how I frequently tell her she’s on her own for dinner (she’s almost 11, so it’s not like she’s going to starve, she can feed herself after all, but still, I’m suppose to make a healthy dinner and some nights I just do.not.want.to.)

    1. Lol!! I think that is 10 blog posts I’d love to read lol!! I feel ya though, there are some nights where I am like ” I have to feed you people again?!?” lol! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, everyone goofs right? I’ve also made a couple of allergy mistakes. Once they happen, you are extra careful!

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