Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Sorry I missed last week guys, things just got nuts around here and time got away from me.  But here we are another week and another Fess Up.

Dean has been okay, he could have been better.  We have been doing some homeschool preschool and it has been going decently.  He is really excited to do it but his enthusiasm wanes and he would rather play cowboys and zombies.  In the middle of teaching him the other day, he closed the book, held it over his head and said “I hate this book!!!!!!”  Like really kid?  You couldn’t sit through another 5 minutes of coloring triangles lol!

He was also frustrated with my sister for leaving the other day so he banged the front door after her and screamed “Cheesus!”
Cheesus?  Where did that even come from?

Annnnd I won’t post the pictures here but the other night I caught Dean walking around naked, and I went to start the shower so we could go to bed and when I walked into the bathroom there was stripes of poop all around the seat of the toilet.  Perfectly spaced poop stripes, my toilet looked like a poop tiger.  No poop in the potty though…..strange and gross.  So I go into the bedroom where Dean had taken his little potty and decided to poop in the bedroom while watching TV (just like a man huh?)

Ok so that is all disgusting on it’s own right? well where was the dang poop?  The source of this godawful mess?  I pick up the potty to take it to the bathroom and there’s the poop UNDER the baby potty….UNDER the potty.  I do not even know how this was accomplished, why he pooped in the bedroom and painted the toilet in the bathroom.  I do not know but it was disgusting.  Boys…..

Now I hope everyone knows that when I do Fess Up Friday it is about the crazy things that have happened this week, or the things I feel guilty for doing.  I look back on these and it sounds like I birthed a monster but Dean is just a normal toddler whose bad moments are documented here but on a regular basis he is regular, funny, snuggly little boy.

So that was Dean’s week and his fess ups.  But now for mine.

I fess up that sometimes on the weekends Dean lives off pizza.  He loves and would eat it all day everyday if I would let him but of course I am mean mommy and don’t let him lol.  But on the weekends sometimes we will order he and my mom’s favorite pizza from this place up the street that makes huge pizzas and he calls it “bigger bigger pizza” and we will get one on Saturday night and that is what he wants for dinner that night, lunch the next day and dinner the next night lol.  And sometimes I let him.  He loves it so much and he eats it good and he eats all his fruit with it so I let him.  He never wants cookies or ice cream or candy so if pizza makes him happy on the weekend he gets it!  So that is my Fess Up for the week… I know I know not a very shocking one lol but life has been pretty calm lately lol!


Now that I say that I am sure this week will be hell lol.

Come on ladies what’s your fess up this week?

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