Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Short Fess Up this week because I want to hustle through my work so I can take Dean outside since it is finally warm outside!

Last week Dean was super bad, like just crazy bad, in one 2 hour period (after Dad went to work of course) he managed to cover himself in marker AGAIN!!!!, got hold of my ring holder and scattered my rings everywhere (engagement ring still missing, ugh) and then took allllll the pillows and sheets off my bed.  I seriously about lost it that day!  This week he has been a complete angel!  I couldn’t have asked for a better kid this week.

For the last 2 weeks he has been obsessed with The Little Couple.  We have 2 episodes recorded and it has to be on like 24/7, all day every day he wants to watch the babies.  I might go a little crazy but there are worse things he could watch.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t have a problem.  I threw his stinky butt in the shower and was in the bedroom getting his pajamas ready when I could hear him saying “I’m stuck”, well he had been playing with his toys in there and what could he possibly be stuck in, so I figured he was just playing with his toys.  “Mommy I’m STUUUUUUCK!!!!!”  this time he screamed it loudly and sounded scared, which of course scared the crap out of me, I mean what could he possibly be stuck in.  Of course I expected the worst thinking he had a foot or finger or toe stuck in the drain somehow.  But no, that was not the case.  He had gotten his potty seat and stepped in it and pulled it up around him.  Where it stuck.

He was hysterical.  I am pretty sure I’ve never seen him that scared.  So I went to push it down, it didn’t budge, so I went to pull it up over his head, didn’t even move a half an inch.  So now I was getting worried and he was even more scared because I didn’t get it off .  Then I remembered how tiny the opening to the potty was and that it must be hurting him.  I called for my mom to come help me and while I waited I lathered him with conditioner and tried again.  Nope not even a smidge.

Now I know that there is a good chance we would have to call 911 to get it off of him which of course would freak him out even more.

So my mom comes and after we each pull the potty seat in separate directions we were able to get one arm out, but even with one arm out it was still super tight and was very hard to pop his other arm through the hole.  It was so small we even had a difficult time getting his head out.  The seat left a red mark around his stomach where it was so tight there and his arms were sore from trying to maneuver them out of the potty but he was out.  What started out as something that seemed as if it was a comical situation, I mean kid stuck in potty seat, hilarious, turned into something quite scary for all of us.  But he is fine and I’m sure he won’t be doing that again!

So my Fess Up?  That particularly rough night I had with Dean? I cried in the kitchen, ate 2 brownies then fell asleep watching junk TV…. but I felt better lol!

So come on ladies what is your fess up this week?

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