Fend Off Funsuckers with Cutter® this Summer

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cutter® Insect Repellents.


 Ahh summer is here!  Lots of days filled with sunshine and swimming and nights filled with stargazing and porch sitting.  Sounds great doesn’t it!  That is the fantasy the reality is that sunshine brings lots of biting gnats and horrible horse flies whose bites will bring tears to your eyes.  Stargazing on the porch means slapping your legs and arms to fend off the mosquitoes who come in droves.  It’s enough to make me run inside and hide under a blanket until fall comes and those pesky bugs go away.

My poor Dean has a horrible reaction to mosquito bites, one mosquito bite turns into a huge red lump that eventually fades away into a bruise and as much as he loves playing outside I hate seeing his legs full of those big painful bites.   So I rely on Cutter® to fend off the funsuckers!

Bug Bite

I love that there is a variety for everyone!  You can ward off blood sucking mosquitoes with a few sprays of Cutter® Skinsations which has a clean, fresh scents and moisturizes skin with Aloe and Vitamin E.  Stave off the sting of gnats with Cutter® Dry which is not greasy or oily.  If you have a family on the go you can quickly wipe them down with Cutter® All Family Mosquito Wipes which is soft on skin, tough on bugs!

There is no need to hide inside all summer anymore!  With the Cutter® family of products you are ready to enjoy the outdoors without giving a second though to itchy bug bites or scary West Nile Disease.

Cutter 2

 So whether we are walking along the beach, going on a camping trip or just hanging out in our own front yard I know we are covered and can have a fabulous summer without all the swatting and scratching.  Thanks to Cutter® we can finally enjoy summer!

Cutter 3

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Which Cutter® product do you use to Fend off the Funsuckers?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cutter® Insect Repellents.


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