My favorite Tula Carrier from CozyRoo!

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Hey guys!!  So as you know I have this new little bundle in my life that I love so much!!  He is such a snuggly baby!!  When Dean was a baby he was such a good baby and great sleeper and super independent from 1 (and still is lol)

Sam is a different story he likes to snuggle and be held alllll the time.  It makes for some difficult nights when I am trying to get dinner cleaned up and Dean ready for bed.

I knew I needed a solution and a baby carrier would be it.  We started off with a Baby K’tan because as beautiful as wraps and ring slings are I personally am just not that coordinated!  So the Baby K’tan was perfect for us.  You get all the comfort of a wrap but it is sooo easy to use, it is just like putting a shirt on.

ktan CozyRoo Ktan

We loved it, then my monkey got chunky and a little too big for his K’tan and we needed to move on to something else.

This is where I found!  This family owned company is my new favorite site!  Not only do they have carriers of all kinds of brands, they have diaper bags and accessories for all your baby wearing needs!

It was there I met the sweetest mama Denay Miller who runs the shop with her husband and she suggested I get a Tula.  I picked out my first Tula and it has been love at first sight!

I am an impatient person and thankfully has super fast FREE shipping!  Any place that has free shipping has a special place in my heart!

CozyRoo Fluff Mail

My Tula arrived and we love it, it is so easy to carry him now, my Tula offers all the support I need so carrying him is a breeze!  I am addicted!  I see women with 3 or 4 or even 70 (yes I said 70) Tulas and I could not imagine why they would need so many but now I know, it is soo addicting, I want the newest patterns as soon as they come out, and of course I will only be getting them from!

Tula! Navigator Tula

I love getting my Tulas from not only because they offer lighting fast free shipping but because this sweet family is running this business out of there home as a family with their two adorable little boys and anytime I can buy something I need from a fellow mama, a mama working her butt off for her family well that is where I take my business!

Tula baby!

So if you are looking for a new carrier, a new to the baby wearing world please visit, they have everything you need!!

P.S. If you enter the world of the addicting Tulas beware there is even more to love than just their carriers and wraps, they also have the most luscious, buttery sought after blankets ever!  Stay tuned for more info on these extremely hard to find blankets and your chance to possibly score a set!

Tula Blanket

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